Wonnie Portable DVD Player Review

Wonnie Portable DVD Player Review

Long road trips are often boring. Though sleeping while traveling a good option, it might not be applicable to non-sleepy passengers. Travels should bring fun, so why not turn your boring road trips into something fun?

Why not enjoy the rest of your journey with something enjoyable and worthwhile? So instead of waiting until you get to your destination, change the way you travel!

Watching movies and listening to music is a great past time when traveling. It is a great family bonding activity as well. With the use of a portable DVD player, you can enjoy travel moments.

You can turn the boring hours into entertainment filled moments.

Finding the best travel DVD player could be difficult. You need to consider different factors including your budget. But, we always find ways to offer quality recommendations to customers.

We reviewed what the WONNIE Portable DVD Player for Kids can offer in terms of quality features, durability, and affordability.

Features of the WONNIE Portable DVD Player for Kids

The newest Wonnie is an upgraded version of its older models. It is equipped with several modified features for enhanced durability, amazing features, and accessories.

It is a handy travel must have which was improved with its light weight property. It’s portable with its 1.8 pounds weight and 10.2 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches dimension.

You can stuff it inside your bag or use the free backpack included in the package. Either way, it’s a space saver in travel and on storage.

Easy To Install

Wonnie is an easy to install beauty and doesn’t require much electrical knowledge. You could attach it to your car headrest in 3 ways.

First, you can use the help of a certified car DVD player installer. Hiring one to install and fix all the necessary electrical connections will save you time.

But, you can get a separate flap-to-open bag for portable and temporary installation.  Just flap the bag open and attach it to the car headrest.

But, the easiest way to install is using the fold and strap style. Fold the player and turn it into a tablet. Then attach it to the car headrest using a buckled strap/ clip for temporary installation.

This latter will save you installation time and money. Plus you can remove your player whenever you want to and reattach it again.

Advanced Screen Technology

Wonnie is equipped with 10.5 inch TFT LCD screen display that uses 1024×600 image resolution. This allows you to watch your favorite movies at the clearest visual quality and color fidelity.

It also comes with an integrated shock resistant feature. This protects the player’s internal properties from potential damage due to vibrations.

As we know, road and plane, and train travels can be bumpy and rough. But, no matter how bumpy the road is, Wonnie can withstand the vibrations and impact.

Wonnie also offers maximum visibility with its 270° rotation and 180° flipping design. You could freely adjust its angle according to your level of comfort. Plus it allows people at the back enjoy the same movie that you’re watching.

Available Digital Media Slots

Wonnie is profiled with an available built-in USB port and SD card slot.  This will allow you to access all your files, movies, audios and images. It also plays and read all digital media including CD, DVD, ±R/RW, VCD, and MP3. Wonnie also accepts WMA, VOB, AVI, MPEG1, XVID, JPEG,


The package includes an easy to operate remote controller for efficient access to its settings. But even if the remote control is missing, you may still adjust its settings.

It has a built-in virtual remote control that functions the same as its physical remote control. So you don’t have to worry about losing your remote control, especially during urgent travels.

Wonnie also includes a free stereo headphone. You may use this when you want to privately watch movies or listen to music. It comes with soft and cushioned ear pads that protect your ears from straining.

You may also connect Wonnie to your television unit for bigger screen display. Just plug its AV cable that comes free with the package to the correct port.

Simple right? You may enjoy karaoke session and movie marathons on a wider screen.

Long Playback Time

Wonnie is integrated with a rechargeable battery that has a 4 hours playback time capacity. This allows you or your kids to watch one of their favorite movies without interruption. Just make sure that the battery level is full and you are good to go.

But don’t worry if the battery drains out because you can immediately recharge it. Just use the free car charger that comes with the package for on-the-go charging.

Just connect it to your car’s cigarette lighter for continuous music and movie streaming.

If you’re at home where electric supply is available, you may recharge your Wonnie DVD player through the usual charging method. Just plug its AC adapter to the socket and wait till the battery is full.


  • Its 10.5 inch LCD display screen is equipped with 1024×600 resolution for clear image quality
  • Its LCD screen contains swivel property which allows free angling for maximum visibility
  • Its battery provides 4 hours of playback time which allows you to watch one full film


  • It doesn’t have the break point memory function


Wonnie is a great portable DVD player option for thrifty and smart buyers. It contains numerous important features and accessories at the best deal.

It comes with numerous installation options, long playback time, multiple charging ways and wide compatibility. It’s a great travel companion that will surely hook you and your kids’ hearts.


Wonnie travel DVD is one of the best product at a great deal. It offers almost the same important features as with other high-end brands. And in terms of durability, Wonnie excels with its shock proof feature.

As compared to DBPOWER, it offers the same swiveling and flipping LCD screen features. It also has the same image resolution but Winnie excels in multimedia compatibility and budget range. It’s a great alternative to a quality portable DVD player at a budget rate.


WONNIE 10.5 Inch Portable DVD Player is a highly recommended product. It’s a quality product packed with amazing features necessary at a pocket-friendly value.

Though it’s highly recommended for personal use, Wonnie is also a great gift idea. You may give it to your husband, parents, and kids. Anyone will practically love it!

Entertainment at its finest at your money’s worth is what defines Wonnie.

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