Why is My Portable DVD Player Not Working

Why is My Portable DVD Player Not Working

Portable DVD players not working are the biggest issue while on the road. Many people are just tired of the whole experience and they give up these players completely. But before doing so, it might be worth considering some alternative troubleshooting solutions. So what are the main problems which can cause the player not to work?

Faulty laser

Most users have encountered at least one problem with the NO DISC error. In many cases, this might not be the fault of the DVD player but of the disc. This is why it is worth trying to place another disc in the tray to see if the problem persists. If you don`t have another disc at hand, you can try wiping your disc with a non-electrostatic material.

Choosing to fix this problem has, of course, many limitations. You can only try to fix this if the fault is with the disc. But in many cases, the fault can lie in the laser reader of the portable player. In this case, you will need to take the device back to the dealer and in many cases; they will replace it free of charge if it is under warranty.

If the player is not under warranty then you might try to take it to a repair shop to replace the laser. In some cases, this repair might not be worth it from a financial perspective. But it’s still worth looking for an option which can save you money in the long term.

The issue with this error is that in some cases it can appear out of nowhere. The player can then work fine and the error might reappear in other instances. You`ll have to make sure you address this issue early on. A good tip to avoid any disappointment is to try multiple discs before you go on a holiday to ensure the device is working properly.

Battery life and failure

Battery issues are also very common with portable DVD players. They are among the top problems users encounter and there is not much you can do about it, depending on the situation. If the player stops working, it is work plugging it in for charging.

You may even leave it to charge for a few minutes before powering it up. In some cases when you don`t use it for a long time, the battery will be completely drained and this is why you need to find the best solution to make it work.

It`s always worth looking for charging indicators as they can tell you if the player is charging as in some cases it may be even an electronic fault which is preventing this to happen. It is always interesting to see how many users are completely unaware of these battery issues and how they can affect your experience while on the road.

This is why it is worth noting that many devices come with a solid construction and battery charging indicators even when the device is powered off. Even more, the player can charge faster while being turned off and this is why it may also represent a good option when you try to fast charge it in a car.

Battery life should also be considered a top feature of the device and if you plan to use it at maximum capacity with all the connectivity technologies, playing games or watching movies, it might be worth considering that the screen brightness can also work well with a lower configuration or a lower resolution. Thus, if your device is not responding, the first thing to check is battery life.

Water accidents

As with any portable device, many DVD players will be subject to drops or water contact. If you spill a cup of coffee or water on your device, there are a few quick steps which can help you keep it alive. The first thing you need to do is to immediately disconnect power and take the battery out. This will mean you`ll have the ability to save the circuits from further damage.

Then, you will need to make sure you remove as much water and moist as possible with a clean cloth. If you are at home or you have a vacuum cleaner at hand, you can even go further and try to remove the water with it. For the next step, you`ll have to leave the device to dry at least for a couple of days.

You can place it in a position which gets enough direct sunlight. A good tip is just to leave it in the car where it will be warmer and the sunlight will evaporate any remaining water. Even more, you`ll need to leave it like this at least for a few days. After this has been done, you can try placing the battery back into the DVD player and you can try to see if it works as usual. If the device is not working, then you can take it to a specialized repair shop for a complete investigation.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a DVD player might not be working. The usual problems involve laser reading problems, battery issues and even water damage. It will be up to you to try a quick diagnose but it many cases this is not possible.

If you cannot find any method of making the device perform under normal conditions, you`ll need to take it back to the seller. A good tip is to just ensure you keep your device free from accidents.

This is why it is important to keep it away from physical shocks, from environments with increased moisture such as the bathroom and from other accidents such as water damage. Using your device outside during rainy conditions is also not recommended.

If you want to ensure you`ll keep using it for years, it is work considering that these small steps can actually prove very important in the long term and they can even save you money if you take them seriously.

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