Why Buy A Portable DVD Player

Why Buy A Portable DVD Player

You can be forgiven for believing the portable DVD player is a thing of the past in the year 2017. After all, we have iPhones and laptops and tablets through which we can access streaming services such as Netflix, no disc or clunky accessory bag needed.

That being said, there are still hundreds of thousands of people around the world who make use of portable DVD players every day. These people – of which I am one – will tell you that a portable DVD player trumps a smartphone or a tablet any day of the week, but just why is that?

Why do so many people remain so reluctant to abandon their portable DVD players in favor of a seemingly more convenient device?

Here are just a few reasons.


I know you probably think I’m crazy for suggesting a portable DVD player could possibly offer you a greater selection of movies than Netflix, the undisputed king of content, but the fact is those who purchase a portable DVD player can watch whatever they want, and I do mean whatever.

While Netflix does indeed offer a fine selection of movies and television shows for those who pay their monthly subscription fee, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of the total number of movies and television shows which have been produced.

However, close to every single piece of film which has been properly maintained since the moment it was first captured is available today on DVD, meaning those who own a portable DVD player are limited only by what is present in their DVD collection.

The internet has made it possible to find virtually every DVD you could possibly dream of, even if it isn’t available in the stores in your area.

Furthermore, Netflix regularly removes movies and televisions shows which have not performed well, meaning you could discover a series that you really enjoy only to find it gets removed before you have the chance to complete it, an experience with which I’m all too familiar with (seriously, if anybody knows how Californiacation ends, please leave a summary in the comments section).

Long before Netflix became a threat, studios began cramming DVDs with extras and bonus features such as deleted scenes and alternative endings in order to entice the public to purchase them; such extras are not available through any video-on-demand streaming service.


Smartphones are expensive, a fact of which I’m sure most of you are painfully aware. Many people, particularly teenagers and young adults, absolutely must be able to receive Netflix on their phone.

This means that when the time comes for them to replace their current phone, they end up spending upwards of $500 on a new model.

Portable DVD players have always been relatively inexpensive, with most being sold for in or around $200 during the portable DVD player heyday. But thanks to the rise of the streaming service and the various smart gadgets which are available in 2017, a high-quality portable DVD player can today be purchased for well under $100.

For the upfront price of half a year of Netflix, you can purchase a portable DVD player which will keep you and your family entertained quite literally for years to come.

Most adults have a significant collection of DVDs already in their possession, which means the vast majority of those who purchase a portable DVD player won’t have to worry about dropping extra cash on new content to watch on it.

Battery Life

If you ask anybody what the most frustrating aspect of owning a smartphone is, there is a pretty good chance they’re going to tell you it is the constant threat of running out of battery.

Most smartphones – iPhones in particular – have an annoyingly short battery life and are almost guaranteed to run out of juice within two or three hours of use, rendering all of those handy apps (even the one which claims to increase your battery life) completely useless.

The battery of your smartphone will die even quicker should you rely on it to watch Netflix and will be almost entirely drained by the end of one typical Hollywood movie.

While a lot of portable DVD players have a battery life of just two hours or thereabouts, there are a number of models available which boast a lifespan of over five hours when fully charged. That’s the length of two and a half average Hollywood blockbusters and almost an entire television series.


Smartphones and tablets are personal devices. They make it possible for you to enjoy movies and television shows on the go while making it impossible for anybody else to enjoy them with you.

With the right portable DVD player, however, you will be able to pass the hours with your friend or your partner from the back seat of a car or beneath a duvet in your own home.

If you are in need of a portable DVD player which can be used by multiple viewers at a time, you should purchase a model with a large screen – generally 10 inches or above – in order to eliminate the need for cramming together like sardines in a tin. Dual screen portable DVD players are also available.

Although it might set you back a bit more than a regular model, a dual screen portable DVD player will make it possible for two people to watch the same movie on two screens (which can be separated from the device and mounted).


Yes, portable DVD players may not be quite as popular as they used to be, but they still have a whole lot to offer those who are willing to give them a chance. Whether you are purchasing one for yourself or your child, you can be sure of a personal viewing experience which simply can’t be offered by iPhones and iPads.

Who cares if society at large believes portable DVD players are relics of a bygone era? We know how glorious they are and that’s all that matters.

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