What Portable DVD Player Should I Buy?

What Portable DVD Player Should I Buy?

Portable DVD Players will provide quality entertainment virtually at any location. So today it has become one of the most popular gadgets used in whiling away time. Portable DVD players are now utilized in many venues, where it could serve its purpose.

They are used in airports to waste away waiting time and in cars to keep children sedated. You’ll see them in doctor’s offices as a cure against boredom and even in the bedroom for relaxation. It’s small size and weight makes it convenient to carry around.

Other handy features include the battery life which can perform better than that of a laptop. They have playback features found in regular DVD players but they are affordable.

Definitely worth the money you paid for. Several factors need to be considered when shopping for a portable DVD player. There are many types of players available. Hopefully, this guide will help you in your decision.

Here we will discuss what features to look for, safety precautions and where to buy them. Here are some things for you to think about:

The type of player

Of course, the first thing you need to think about is what type of portable DVD player you want. It comprises of two common types of players. You can either buy a fold-up DVD player or a tablet.

Fold-up Portable DVD Player

If you take into account multiple viewers, the fold-up type will be ideal. On fixing up a DVD player at a particular spot, you need not mount it or hold it all the time.

This is a very convenient choice because you can just let it stand in a strategic location. Then start playing movies.

Tablet Portable DVD Player

These players are smaller than fold-ups. These are modern types of players. You can easily mount this player on the behind the seat of your car. Doing so, kids can enjoy their on-the-road long trips.

The sound quality

Because of its size, there are limitations to the quality of sound provided by portables. Since they are small size, they also have small speakers.

If you want more volume when watching, you would have to look for extra speakers. Buy a set of external speakers to amplify and improve the sound quality.

The audio jack inclusions

Portables are usually provided with an audio jack for headphones. Splitters are available for them. You can use them to turn a single audio jack into connections for two headphones. But this is inconvenient.

To solve this inconvenience, purchase a player with two audio jacks. That would be good for two headphones.

The connector for audio-video

This feature is important if the portable DVD player is to be connected to a television set. When traveling, hotel rooms are usually provided with large TV sets.

In cases like this, the use of the portable DVD player comes in handy as a regular DVD player


Portable DVD players are designed to be carried around. So the anti-skip feature plays an important function. Such feature prevents the DVD player from skipping forward or freezing. This happens when bumps or vibrations are encountered.

This is especially important when you are traveling with your player. Without the anti-skip feature, you won’t enjoy watching your movies.

Capacity for Blu-ray

Because of the high-quality resolutions of Blue-ray movies, they have become very popular. Blu-ray movies won’t function using regular DVD players.

Check for Blu-ray compatibility when buying your portable DVD player. Especially if you want quality resolution for your movies. Down side for this choice: it will cost more.

Formats which can be played

Extra features of some portables are they can play CDs as well. Some models can play MP3 and/or WMA files and some can display images such as JPEGs. Check the player specifications if you have DVDs that are encoded in other formats.

Having a player which is able to play different formats is great. It means you won’t be limited to just playing DVDs on it. You will be able to use the player for different purposes.

HDMI port

If the DVD player has a HDMI port, it will allow the DVD player to be connected to a high definition television. This is one of the more recent features which adds to the convenience of the player.

With an HDMI port, you will have the option to view movies and videos on a bigger screen.

Battery life of the player

A low life battery defeats the purpose of the portable DVD player. True that it is portable, to be carried around, therefore it should be provided with a battery with a long life.

Cheap players will offer power that could last for about two hours. Choose one that offers for at least three and a half hours. That should be good for a three-hour movie.

If the screen can swivel

This applies only to fold-ups where the screen is designed to swivel from side to side and up and down. Such properties would give better angles for multiple viewers or for avoiding glares.

Check the specs of the player because not all kinds of fold-ups have this particular feature. But it’s a nifty feature to have for a portable player.

Size of the screen

Screen size is a major factor when watching a film. You enjoy it more. Small players are okay but will strain the eyes after long periods. Big screens are heavier to carry.

They need more storage space and are more expensive. But the enjoyment factor in watching movies on bigger screens is priceless.

Find the right balance when considering the screen of the portable player. There are a lot of options available so go ahead and choose the one with a screen that fits your needs.


Because of portable DVD players, entertainment has taken on a new dimension. Nowadays watching movies can be done anywhere.

This is most convenient for people who need a way to pass time while enjoying. And that is the reason you see people all glued to the screens of their portable DVD players.

To get the most enjoyment, shoppers can choose players with features that will enhance their viewing experience. Long life batteries, anti-skip capability are examples of such features. Use the guidelines discussed here in choosing the right DVD player to ensure maximum satisfaction.

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