What is The Largest Screen Size on Portable DVD Players

What is The Largest Screen Size on Portable DVD Players

The screen size of a portable DVD player has an important role in the overall experience. This is why so many users are constantly looking for larger sizes which can offer an improved experience with a portable device. But is a larger screen a better screen?

This question needs to be answered by each individual as a larger screen defeats the purpose of a portable player. For most devices on the market, the screen size varies from 7 to 13 inch.

Is a 13 inch screen right for you?

If you are choosing the largest option of 13 inch, the screen might even come with some problems if you plan to use it in a car. This is why you`ll need to consider the screen size according to your needs in a car. In some cases, it may even obstruct your view out from the car.

The biggest issue, however, comes with the increased size which might be bigger than the headrest. And although in most situations this doesn`t need to be an issue, it can create a negative experience in some situations.

For safety reasons, you should match the size of the screen with the size of the headrest. This is not discussed enough by the manufacturers and can represent a real problem when you try to get in the car or get out of the car. This is one of the reasons why you will need to find a screen size which will fit the needs in your car.

Is a larger screen right for portability?

The large screen current has taken the TV industry by storm. But can it be the same in the DVD players market? The smartphone market has also been subject to this bigger screen topic but the portability is the main characteristic which should define the screen size.

And this is where you`ll need to ask yourself if you`re going to use the device outside of your car. Can a 13 inch screen be a good option while commuting on public transport? While you can have a good user experience at home, it public spaces a larger screen might not prove to be that practical.

And this brings us to the point of where the manufacturers think the market should be. This means that most devices will come with a 10 inch screen while the swivel designs will come with a 7 inch screen. This is one of the areas that have most interest as it defines what the upper limit should be for most users.

If you are looking for a larger device, you will be in the area of 13 inches and this means that while you might experience a bigger screen, you will also have to consider the drawbacks in terms of portability.

Battery life

Another topic which is often overlooked with larger screens is the battery life. It is simply not possible to have a larger screen without a larger battery.In most cases, the screen will need more power and this is why the battery life will significantly decrease, especially if you choose the best viewing conditions with the highest brightness.

And this is the case with most users who want a larger screen as they will not purchase such a device for saving battery life while reducing the full capacity of the screen`s quality.

The good news is that you`ll be able to enjoy a larger device with a larger battery. The bad news is that you`ll always have to consider charging options and on the road, this might prove a bit difficult to achieve.

This is why it will be important to find the best solution for your needs beyond the point of the screen and you`ll need to consider good charging capabilities. The good news is that while traveling in a car you can find the best solution for total charging with a car charger.

While traveling on public transport, you may still be able to charge the device but it will prove to be more difficult in certain conditions. This is why it is important to consider your charging options with a portable DVD player.

Durability is essential with a large screen

Another overlooked topic comes with the durability of a larger screen. While a smaller device might be easier to protect, a larger screen might be more difficult to keep away from accidents. This is due to the fact that the screen comes with a larger contact surface which can be subject to scratches and they will happen, as you will be using it on the road.

This is why you`ll also need to consider the best protective options for a larger screen. This might include a simple pouch, but the good news is that you`ll be able to protect it at least minimally to increase its durability and its condition.

If you plan to use it for a few years, you`ll also want to keep the screen clean if it comes with a touchscreen technology. This will be harder the bigger the screen is.

However, if you take these small steps you can enjoy a larger portable DVD player for years to come. And as long as you don`t mind the portability discomfort, you can enjoy multimedia files or games at a high quality even on the road.

Purchasing a large screen size DVD player is not that complicated. You will need to assess your charging points and the best protection solutions while on the road. If you plan to mount it on a headrest in your car, you should also ensure the screen is not actually bigger to avoid possible accidents.

These small steps will ensure you`ll get all the benefits of a larger screen and you`ll be able to use it in all the conditions you would expect a portable player to work in. The good news is that it will be possible for you to enjoy its maximum capacity even while on the road.

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