Top 3 Best Portable DVD Player for Car Headrest

Top 3 Best Portable DVD Player for Car Headrest

Travelling is fun. But sitting in the car for hours while can be boring and tiresome. Great news, you can now enjoy long journey by watching movies and music jamming.

Good thing, you can now install your portable DVD player in your car headrest. You could enjoy the day with a movie or with your favorite playlist. We have listed below our top3 recommendation of the best travel DVD player.

Let’s check it out and see which one suits your need and preference best.

DR.J Portable DVD Player

First on our list is the DR.J portable DVD player. It’s easy to install with its 9.5-inch screen that fits perfectly to your car’s headrest. But you may also attach it instantly to the car’s headrest using a buckled strap.

It features a 270° swivel and 180° flipping design.  This makes it easier to adjust the monitor’s angle for maximum visibility.

You don’t have to worry about potential damages that may be incurred by bumpy and rough travels. DR.J has a built-in shock resistant feature that protects its internal system from vibrations. Whatever course you’re planning to take, your DVD player will function just fine.

Its built-in 3000 Mah battery is capable of providing 5 hours continuous play time. This makes it easier to enjoy movie marathon on the go. As soon as the battery dies down, you can always recharge it anytime.

You may use its 1.8m car charger for on the go recharging. But you may also use its 1.8 power adapter when electricity is available.

DR.J is also equipped with a built-in USB and SD card reader. This allows you to enjoy movies and shows saved in all types of digital medias.

It is also equipped with a break-point memory function. This allows you to continuously watch your favorite movie from where you left it. You don’t have to worry about rewinding or watch the same scenes again.

You may also use this DVD player at home and connect it to your TV. Just plug the AV out cable to the correct port and enjoy a bigger screen.

It’s integrated multi-digital file reader is compatible with CD, DVD, DVD+, R/RW, VCD, and MP3. It also plays WMA, VOB, AVI.MPEG1, XVID, and JPEG files.  So whatever type of file you want to access, you can do it with DR.J.


  • Its 270° swivel and 180° flipping design allow maximum visibility at all angle
  • Its 3000 MAH battery offers up to 5 hours of continuous playing time
  • It’s compatible with most Digital Medias


  • Headrest mount and DVD bag are not included. You need to make a separate purchase if you want to have one

COOAU Portable DVD Player

COOAU 11.5 inch compact and portable DVD player suit perfectly to most car headrests. Regardless of your car brand, model, and type, COOAU will perfectly fit with your headrest. It comes with an easy to install features. Either by internally installing it to the headrest or tie it up with a buckled strap.

Its 270° swivel and 180° flipping design are perfect for long travels. You could adjust it to any angle for optimum visibility and comfortable movie streaming. It’s a great travel companion and your kids will surely won’t mind the long journey.

It also includes a built in battery that offers up to 5 hours playback time. But you can always recharge it using its inclusive car charger and power adapter. Your kids can also turn it into a gaming monitor with its inclusive game joystick.

You can always switch to bigger screens anytime with COOAU. Just plug the AV cable to your TV’s A/V port and enjoy viewing at home. COOAU portable DVD player is also a great gift idea for your partner, kids, and friends. Its portability and great features will surely capture their hearts.


  • It’s equipped with a 270° swivel and 180°flipping function. You could adjust the monitor to any angle for comfortable viewing and maximum visibility
  • It has a last memory resume function. This allows you to continuously view your favorite movie from where you left it
  • It supports all Digital Medias. CD, DVD, DVD + R(-R), DVD + RW(-RW), VCD, SVCD-R(RW), CD -R(RW) for disc formats. VOB, AVI, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, XVID for video formats. And MP3, WMA for audio format and JPEG for image file format


  • The game function lacks specs information
  • It lacks menu function. Stop and play are the only ones available

SYNAGY Portable DVD Player

Synagy 9.5 inch DVD player displays a 9-inch LCD screen. It is equipped with thin film transistor or TFT which provides best image resolution. So you could watch your favorite movie in a clear and crisp quality.

It is easy to install either with an internal mount or buckled strap. It works perfectly as a car headrest DVD player with its enhanced swivel screen design. You can fold it and turn it into a tablet for modified portability.  Or just rotate and flip according to your desired angle of comfort.

You may rotate it at 180° to the left. You may also pivot it at a 90° angle to the right. And you may adjust it at a 180° vertical flip-over position for maximum visibility.

It is also crafted with a built-in shock resistant property for enhanced durability against vibrations. You may use Synagy portable DVD player in 3 ways. First, you may enjoy its features through a direct power supply via its power adapter.

Second, you may use its inclusive car charger for on the go recharging. Or you can recharge its built-in lithium battery so you could use it whenever wherever.

Synagy’s audio quality is excellent for a portable DVD. Its built in stereo speaker emits crisp and clear audio quality without muffling. You may also use headphones for private listening.

Just connect it to the available headphone stereo jack for a private on-the-go listening. It features a last memory function for continuous and undisrupted movie streaming.

Synagy is designed for multi-application. Kids, adults, and teenagers can use this in ways they want to.


  • It has 3 swivel angle. 180° to the left, 90° to the right, and 180° vertical flip over
  • Its 9-inch display screen is enhanced with TFT system for superior resolution
  • It includes a 3.5mm audio/video output, stereo headphone jack, USB port and SD card reader
  • It also has digital volume control and NTSC video system


  • The forward and replay options are dysfunctional
  • It does not accept all DVD formats


We’ve laid our top 3 recommendation of the best portable DVD players for car headrest in the market. Our review is based on authority sites’ reviews, sales rate, product rating and customer reviews.

Our top 3 pick excel in terms of battery life, durability, features and connectivity. They may vary in brand, maker, and price but they are the top performing models.

These products had been thoroughly compared to other performing DVD players in the market.

But, in terms of functionality and features, Synagy portable DVD player is the best. But when it comes to the ability to play most file format, Dr.J excels. And for gamers, COOAU is the best pick for its game consoles.

Now, it’s your time to choose. Choose wisely and enjoy your purchase!

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