SYNAGY A10 10.1 inch Portable DVD Player CD Player with Swivel Screen

SYNAGY A10 10.1 inch Portable DVD Player CD Player with Swivel Screen

Some people like things a little bigger than most. When most people go for a small coupe, some buy a truck or a big 4-door sedan. This is a small handheld DVD player, but it’s for people who like things a lttle larger than the average guy.

The first thing to mention about this bad boy is the screen! It’s a 10.1 inch model, and it has a nice 1024×600 high resolution spec. The second thing is the build quality; it’s a step up from a lot of the cheaper players on the market.

The third thing to mention is the price; it’s in line with or cheaper than many other handheld DVD players…even some of the ones with smaller screens.  This makes the SYNAGY A10 10.1inch Portable DVD Player CD Player great for a lot of users.


SYNAGY A10 10.1 inch Portable DVD Player CD Player Features

  • The resolution, brightness, and video quality of this SYNAGY screen is top-notch. Viewing angles of the SYNAGY are class-leading. This is also due to how bright the screen is and how sharp the images are. It’s easy to tilt it and bend it while still looking at a good quality picture
  • Has the ability to fold flat. (Those of us who take long rides in tiny bus or train seats appreciate this feature a lot!)
  • Handles ‘’burned’’ DVDRs fairly well. This is in contrast to most of the other cheap players, which either don’t play them at all or play them with a bevy of error codes or freezes in the picture
  • Unlike pretty much every other cheap player on the market, the makers of the SYNAGY actually underestimate/underpromise on their battery life claims. The official description boasts 2.5 to 3 hours, whereas most real-time use is actually around 4
  • Comes as a fairly complete package. In addition to the car charger and the AC charger, the box is full of a bunch of other stuff. Not only do you get a remote, batteries for the remote, and an A/V cord…they even give you a pair of earbuds




  • The biggest pro of this machine is the screen! It’s both larger, brighter, and has better resolution than most of its competitors. Next time you’re on a long trip you’ll thank yourself
  • The battery lasts for at least the length of two children’s movies. That’s about 4 hours of quiet during your journey! If you’re using the SYNAGY only as a music player, or if you have the brightness or speak volumes turned down lower than max, you might get even better results
  • This SYNAGY has full multimedia support, meaning it can play DVDs, DVD-Rs, .AVI and other movie files, as well as JPEG and photo files. So many cheap Chinese players stutter or can’t play burned DVDs, so this is a big plus.
  • The player while in use is actually pretty quiet. A lot of these lower-end units whirr and buzz the entire time they’re in operation…making them sound like there’s some sort of small factory happening inside. Not so with this one
  • The quality of the SYNAGY screen has another plus; it means that you can easily tilt it up and down while still getting a good angle to watch the movie. A lot of others have tilting capabilities in theory, but when you use it in real life it’s impossible to see the screen if you move it even a little bit
  • Comes with a great set of extra cords and peripherals; you get 2 kinds of chargers, an A/V cord, a remote, batteries for the remote, etc. You even get earbud headphones
  • Some people say the SYNAGY doesn’t have ‘’memory’’ feature to remember where it left off if you shut off a movie halfway. It does have this feature, but it’s in the menu—not on a dedicated hardware button. Go look inside the menu and you’ll find it
  • The SYNAGY player’s design is clean and basic and easy to figure out. You can hand this device to even small children and usually they can figure out how to use it and play movies on their own, without instruction
  • You can mount the SYNAGY inside most standard headrest mounts. For those of us trying to put this inside a vehicle this feature is an absolute must
  • You can both charge the battery and play movies at the same time. A lot of machines make you pick between only one of those two activities at once


  • The warranty on this machine is sort of a mystery. Most vendors say it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but the package doesn’t really ship with any warranty information or specifics. If you’re worried, make sure you buy this item from an e-commerce shop that has its own pretty ironclad return policy
  • Some might have gripes about the fact that the base unit is a bit shiny; that this glare can sometimes distract from watching a film on the screen. We don’t really think this is a big deal; but if it is, maybe it’s a good idea to try this player out in a store first
  • The keys on the remote are grey, and the writing on those keys is white. That makes it kind of hard to read the keys in darker lighting conditions. A very small gripe, but it’s one that should be mentioned nonetheless


We give the SYNAGY 4 out of 4 stars in our review system. It has a strong screen with great resolution, it has a bunch of extras included in the price, and the unit works well. We love that they even included some headphones, because we all know the speakers on these devices aren’t exactly concert-hall quality.

It’s kind of hard to quantify how nice a screen like this is in a review; but considering all the things that the SYNAGY A10 10.1inch Portable DVD Player CD Player does, well we for sure recommend it. It’s nice that you can use SD cards or USB sticks, its nice that you can use the unit while charging it up at the same time.

Finally, we are very happy that this unit has a great reputation. We had never really heard of the SYNAGY name, so knowing that there are a large amount of these devices out there in the world helped reassure our purchase.

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