Sylvania SDVD7046 Portable DVD Review

Sylvania SDVD7046 Portable DVD Review

If you have a long road trip ahead of you, you will definitely need something to keep your passengers entertained whether they are toddlers, kids, teenagers or adults. A portable DVD player is a great choice for all ages and that is what you need to be looking for to take on your next trip.

A portable DVD player will provide you with endless hours of entertainment without data expenses that you would definitely incur if you were to use your mobile phone. One such device that can help you in this demise is the Sylvania SDVD7046 portable DVD player.

There are a myriad of devices nowadays that come in small and portable sizes. We are a generation that is constantly on the go and we need our devices to be able to move with us as well.

The same is true of DVD players, many options today are portable and these include the Sylvania SDVD7046 model. It is sleek, lightweight and has a very slim profile with a 7 inch screen display and an integrated handle to make carrying it around more a lot more convenient.

These portable devices are a far cry from their predecessors and are more technologically advanced so they are smaller and provide better audio and video quality and are more versatile.


With the Sylvania SDVD7046 you can enjoy your movies on the go. It is a good little DVD player and a great choice if you need something affordable and quickly too.

The unit features a 7 inch TFT screen with color display and an integrated handle. It is small and circular in shape so it is easy to carry around even for your small child. For private viewing you can make use of the included earphones or you can watch without earphones to share your movie with a friend.

It is affordably priced and is compatible with a number of different file types including DVD, DVD+-R/RW, CD-R/RW, CD, JPEG and MP3. The DVD player provides you with great quality stereo audio output and also include earbuds that provide you with stereo quality output as well.

It comes with a built in battery that is rechargeable and your purchase comes with a car charger along with an AC adapter and a remote control.

It is an affordable option that provides you with good value for money. It is lightweight and all the accessories you need to get it to work are included with your purchase.

With your purchase of the Sylvania SDVD7046 you get a remote control, a car charger, an AC adapter and earbuds as well. So you can start using this right out of the box. So it is a great one to pick up at store even if you have already started your journey. It is affordable enough too to be an impromptu purchase.


  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable
  • Value for money
  • Includes AC adapter and car charger
  • Includes earbuds
  • Integrated carrying handle makes it easy to carry around
  • Highly portable due to small footprint
  • 7 inch screen size for personal viewing
  • TFT color screen
  • Plays DVD’s, CD’s and MP3’s
  • Use with our without included remote control
  • Matte finished screen to reduce glare
  • 90 day included warranty
  • Can purchase additional warranty
  • Will work while plugged in


  • Buttons are a bit flimsy
  • Only plays with remote


This 7 inch portable DVD player from Sylvania is a great option if you are on the lookout for one that will allow you to have some entertainment for when you are on the go. It features a very sleek design and the integrated handle makes it very portable and easy to use for smaller hands in the event that you are purchasing this for your kids.

You can opt to listen to the device when sharing your media or you can use the earbuds if you are enjoying your media by yourself. The unit can be used to watch videos or to listen to music easily. It is lightweight and will provide you with good quality vivid images and also impeccable quality audio so you can enjoy your entertainment.

This portable DVD player comes with a 90 day warranty but you can purchase additional warranty if you deem it is a necessary thing for you to have. Both you and your kids will love this lightweight model of a portable DVD player that is easy to use and that is versatile as well.


The Sylvania SDVD7046 portable DVD player is your best bet if you are looking for something that is very affordable and you are not fussy about the screen size. You can find portable DVD players with larger screen sizes especially if you plan on using the player for more than one person’s viewing pleasure.

It is easy to use and highly comparable to other portable DVD players on the market with a 7 inch LCD screen. It is quite a simple player but a great choice if you need something real quick. If you choose this portable DVD player you will not be let down.

Unlike some other models that cannot be charged while in use you can use this DVD player at the same time that it is charging so you can use it while charging in the car or while charging at home.


If you are looking for a simple portable DVD player that is affordable then you will definitely be happy with this model from Sylvania. It is very stylish and because of its small size it is also very portable. The integrated carrying handle makes it super easy to carry around.

Its size makes it a great choice if you are purchasing it for your kids since they will be able to carry their own stuff so you don’t have to lug it around for them. It is a great buy, one that you will not regret making and your kids will enjoy it too – their own little DVD player that they can take around everywhere they go.

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