The problem with a lot of portable DVD players is that laptops already exist. Most people own one by now, and most laptops have bigger and better screens compared to portable DVD players. So why even purchase one?

Well, a lot of people don’t want to hand an expensive laptop over to their young children to play with. But with this Sykik Sydvd0133 14.1-iInch All Multi Region Zone Free HD Swivel Portable DVD Player, you don’t have to compromise anymore.

This is because it has a standard-laptop-sized 14.1 inch screen! The display is a quality, high contrast and high-resolution model that boasts a 1366 x 768 pixel count. Said screen even rotates 180 degrees, in case you’re in a car or a train or somewhere with tight quarters or viewing angles.

The other advantages of portable DVD and media players still hold true here; you can toss these over to even the craziest kids knowing that they’re not playing with a four-figure-priced electronic device.

You can kit out your car or truck with multiple screens at a fairly low cost. You can take one of these out to a park or a campsite, or hook this up to a projector for outdoor movie nights.


SIKIK SYDVD0133 Features                             

  • 1 inch laptop-replacement level screen! If all the other DVD and digital movie players turned you off due to their inferior resolution or size, this SIKIK model is for you
  • Decent quality rechargeable internal battery with a 3-hour-length charge. Yes, this isn’t as long as some of the other portable DVD players, but you have to factor in that this SIKIK has a larger screen than the others and requires much more power
  • Unlike the new MacBook Pros, this SIKIK device has both an SD card reader and USB port. This way if you have a large media library on your laptop or HTPC, it’s easily accessed without having to burn DVDs
  • This SIKIK comes with the full complement of accessory cords and chargers; an AC charger, a power adapter for the car, and even a pair of halfway-decent over-ear headphones
  • The processor and hardware of the SYKIK can decode and play pretty much any video or audio format. It’s compatible with CDs, DVDs, DVDRs, as well as things like .WMA, .AVI, and XVID video files


  • The most notable ‘’pro’’ of this SIKIK device is obviously the screen. When purchasing one of these portable DVD systems, you usually have to downgrade greatly when it comes to both resolution and size if you’re used to a laptop. Not so with this machine. It has 1366 x 768 resolution
  • If you’re using one of these, it’s very handy to be able to take it out into the park or out onto the patio to watch a film. In a lot of those places there’s not always an outlet. Most online reviewers get around 3 hours from the battery, so even if you’re watching ’Lord of the Rings’ you should be OK
  • Another positive with the SIKIK is that it’s not loud during operation, nor does it get very hot. Again this separates it from the pack
  • The SIKIK not only plays DVDs and both kinds of DVDRs, it also accepts data from USB, SD , and MMC memory cards. It can handle all kinds of audio files like XVID and AVI among others. This way if you have a big ‘’virtual DVD collection’’ on a laptop or external you can play them on the SIKIK no problem
  • The large size and brightness of the SIKIK screen has another plus; it expands the screen’s ‘’usable tilt-ability.’’ Let me explain that. A lot of the cheaper portable DVD players have screens that tilt in many directions, but their screens are so dull, small, and low in quality that you have to watch them from straight on if you want to see anything. This SIKIK has such a good screen that tilting it doesn’t really affect the viewing angles so much
  • The design of the unit is really nice! The external casing is fairly slim and the buttons are both intelligently placed and easy to read. We don’t have a problem with how the SIKIK is laid out at all
  • The SIKIK also lets you watch films and charge up the internal battery simultaneously. A lot of units don’t let you do this, so that’s a plus
  • The SIKIK has an extra bonus; not only does it come with all the cords you need to power it up and get it going, it also includes a set of halfway-decent headphones. These come in handy for sure if you’re in a public place like an airport, plane, or train and want to use the player
  • The SIKIK has an anti-shock and anti-skip system in place, in case you’re watching on a bumpy bus or a plane that’s experiencing turbulence. (Though we hope that never happens; turbulence is scary!)


  • The SIKIK of course has a really nice big screen, but it comes at the price of having to sacrifice some battery life. If you plan to be away from a power outlet for long periods of time, you should probably buy a smaller player
  • The SIKIK is larger than most players. Most of the time that’s a good thing, but if you intend to carry the unit around in a backpack or in your hands a lot, it might be better to purchase a smaller player for the sake of travel convenience. It’s also hard to mount the SIKIK to the rear of car headrests using standard mounting systems because of its large size
  • If you’re looking for something with a lot of portability, the SIKIK is probably not a good choice
  • Sadly the SIKIK doesn’t have an HDMI plug integrated into the unit, and it also doesn’t play Blu-Ray disks. These are features not normally found in portable DVD players, but some laptops do have those sorts of things


This SIKIK kind of solves a problem with portable DVD players; for many of us used to high resolutions on the screens of our modern laptops, tablets, and phones, the car-DVD player screens of only a few years ago don’t look so good for us anymore.

Luckily this newest Sykik Sydvd0133 14.1-iInch All Multi Region Zone Free HD Swivel Portable DVD Player steps up its game for us.

The screen felt just as good as the ones on many laptops…which of course puts it head-and-shoulders above pretty much any other portable DVD player on the market.

Of course, that does sort of come with a downside. If you have a big-sized unit with a super-sized screen, something’s got to power that big machine. In this case, the battery life on the SIKIK was around a full hour shorter than most of the other portable units on the market.

At least for us, this isn’t a deal-breaker. You still get at least 3 hours, so even long flicks like Lord Of The Rings are still a possibility. And if you’re in a car or anywhere with an outlet, obviously you’re going to be OK either way. We say the tradeoff is a good one. We recommend this SIKIK device.

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