Proscan PDVD7040

Proscan PDVD7040

Sometimes portability is the name of the game. We’ve reviewed large machines, we’ve reviewed dual-screen systems meant to strap on the backs of headrests, and we’ve reviewed machines that were made specifically to entertain kids.

This machine was definitely designed with portability in mind. If you’re going camping or even just showing some movies in the backyard or garden, having something you can just toss in a small tote bag or backpack and go is crucial. If you’re looking for something like that, this Proscan player might be something you’d be interested in.

The Proscan PDVD7040 7″ Portable DVD Player has a large enough screen size to be a viable option, but its compact design doesn’t take up much room in your bag. It’s also rather light, so you won’t feel tired if you have to lug it around all day.


Proscan PDVD7040 Features

  • Its compact size makes it very handy for transportation from place to place, much better than a laptop
  • It’s a region-free DVD player, which means you can even play DVDs you order online or if you’re traveling and have this Proscan device with you
  • Includes a USB port for direct play of films and pictures. This ends up being fairly important if you’re like us and have a large digital movie collection on your laptop or desktop computer
  • Includes a video output. This is great if you are like us and enjoy sending DVDs from the device to things like large flat screen TVs or projectors for movie nights. There’s nothing like having a movie night out on the patio in the summertime with a bed sheet as a screen
  • Possibly the lowest priced portable DVD player we’ve found. Most outlets have this device for sale around 40 US dollars, which is a great deal
  • Only weighs about a pound, way less than any laptop or projector system



  • Proscan is a name owned by a company headquartered in Toronto, Canada called Curtis International. They sell lots of electronic devices under a lot of different names; RCA, Curtis, Sylvania, Igloo, etc. This is a good thing for people who buy this DVD player, because the company is large enough to have, say, a phone support line open 7 days a week
  • Plus you know if you buy a product like this one, you can rest assured that there are lots of others out there and that the company isn’t going anywhere any time soon
  • If you buy an item like this from one of the well-known online retailers, you’ll know that you have a decent amount of time to try it out and make sure it works. If it doesn’t, you’ll be able to exchange it for another one or get a full refund
  • Compared to basically all the other DVD players tested, this one is extremely cheap, around 40 US dollars in most shops. This is an incredible price
  • It includes an AC/DC adaptor to power up the machine when needed
  • The screen swivels 180 degrees and also folds flat. This is a great thing for those of us that like putting devices like this in our laps while on buses or trains
  • You can send the video signal out to another device, which is super cool. We especially like sending the video signal to a projector so you can have movie nights with friends
  • This machine also has a USB out, so you can play films directly. This is another great feature because let’s be honest, who really wants to burn a bunch of DVDs these days
  • This machine weighs only about a pound. Compare that to most laptops, which weight around 4 pounds. This makes this unit the ‘Travel King.’ If you’re moving around a lot, consider this Proscan for its excellent portability
  • Includes a remote control for added connectivity and convenience while out on the road


  • This Proscan device doesn’t have the features that many players have. Specifically, there’s no rechargeable battery inside. This means obviously you need to be near an outlet to use this device
  • Here’s the other thing; we don’t know if your unit will have a car charger inside the box or not. Some online reviewers say it comes with one. Others say it doesn’t. If not, obviously if you want to use this item on road trips, you’ll have to purchase some kind of power converter


This machine has two main things going for it; the price, which is extremely low, and its size and weight, which is to say that it’s a very small and light machine. It definitely is missing features that many other machines reviewed have in spades. However, if you’re considering the purchase of a 40 dollar DVD player, you’re probably not extremely interested in features.

The Proscan PDVD7040 7″ Portable DVD Player is extremely cheap, it weighs almost nothing, and it’s tiny enough to fit into almost any bag or suitcase. If it breaks, what does it matter? The whole thing costs about 40 bucks. If you’re interested in a budget device, this is your item. We give it 2 out of 4 stars in our rating system.

This is not a full featured device by any means, but it also doesn’t hurt you in the wallet!

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