Portable DVD player vs. tablet

Portable DVD player vs tablet

When buying a 7-inch entertainment screen for kids or grownups, you are sure to compare portable DVD players with tablets under $100 as the two best options. This article will help you make the right choice as you will explore different ‘portable DVD player vs. tablet’ scenarios and see how one option beats the other one in certain situations.

Portable DVD players and tablets offer a reasonably large screen with rechargeable batteries. You can use them to watch movies, listen to your favorite music, or simply browse the pictures you took on your last family road trip. These devices can help you kill time when bored at home or sitting in the backseat of a car.

Here are some scenarios that could help you answer the ‘portable DVD player vs. tablet’ question.

Scenario 1: Young kids in the car backseat

Many parents know that the best solution to keep their kids busy in the car backseat is to give them some sort of a device.

When the kids are young, you can’t give them a laptop. They will rip it to pieces in minutes. That’s why your only options are a portable DVD player and a tablet.

In this scenario, portable DVD players win. See the reasons below.

Young kids would find it impossible to use a tablet. On the other hand, you can easily put a DVD in the DVD player and teach them how to play and pause the video. That’s it. There is nothing more they need to do to watch movies in the car.

With more than one kids in the car, one of the kids can place the portable DVD player in his lap, and everyone can watch the movie, thanks to the wide viewing angle of the screen. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible with a tablet as the viewing angle isn’t wide and the audio is barely enough for one viewer.

Scenario 2: Toddlers in the car backseat

Unlike the previous scenario, tablet wins over portable DVD in case of toddlers for the simple reason that you give them a device. They will throw the device away as soon as they have lost interest in it.

When you don’t want your kids to handle the screen, a tablet strapped to the car headrest is a perfect solution.

Cheapest tablets, perfectly suitable f or toddlers, are about the same price as standard portable DVD players. However, a tablet will last longer as your child won’t be able to grab it.

Scenario 3: Kids and parents – bored at home

When buying a device for times when your family has nothing to do at home, you can consider both the options. A tablet will give the freedom to play movies from any source as you can connect to the internet and watch movies from your favorite services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon.

On the other hand, a portable DVD player is a great choice for family entertainment. You can put it on a table or in your lap and everyone can have fun. The majority of DVD players offer crystal clear sound and crisp video for an optimal experience. New models come with USB and SD card port so you can always play media that you have downloaded to your computer or mobile.

Pros and cons of buying a low budget tablet


  • Play games on a tablet
  • Watch films and videos from the internet
  • Download videos and watch later
  • No need to buy DVDs and CDs


  • Limited storage
  • Battery life is often bad
  • Poor quality hardware in cheap tablets
  • Screen density is low

Pros and cons of buying a portable DVD player


  • Play your favorite DVDs, CDs, and even downloaded videos at any time
  • Expect the battery to last for 6-8 hours with brightness set to medium
  • New models support USB and SD card
  • Listen to music with built-in MP3 player
  • High quality audio
  • Crisp and clear video
  • Some tablets support 1080p HD video
  • Foldable for easy carry
  • Wide viewing angle supports watching films in a group


  • Doesn’t allow to stream videos from the internet
  • Young kids will break it in minutes

The final word

There is no single best device for all. Everyone has different needs and prefers different features. But if you are buying something for high-quality video experience on the go, nothing can replace a portable DVD player.

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