Portable DVD player under $50

Portable DVD player under $50

Portable DVD players are a blessing, especially when you want to keep your children engaged on a long trip. These machines come with a lot of features to keep the users engaged and happy. The good news is that you don’t have to empty your wallet when buying one of these machines for your family as you can find a decent quality portable DVD player under $50.

Although these players are incredible for use in the car, they are also pretty handy entertainment machines when it comes to home entertainment. You can take your DVD player with you when going out with your friends. Think of the possibilities that come from the player being portable.

If you are looking to purchase a portable DVD player under $50, use the suggestions below to make a choice.

Ematic 7 inch Swivel Blue Portable DVD Player


Ematic portable DVD player comes with matching headphones and bag. It has a bright 7-inch LCD that delivers great picture quality.

This portable DVD player comes with a tilt and swivel feature that allows you to turn the screen to 180 degrees. This makes your life a lot easier as you don’t have position yourself but you can change the angle of the screen when you need.

When you turn this player on, you will get multi-language display on the screen, allowing you to watch movies no matter what language you can read. Alternatively, you can open the user manual and read instructions from there to learn about interesting features of this player.

Since the player comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries every time you want to watch a movie. If the charge is getting low, you can easily connect an adapter and continue watching your favorite movies.

Samsung DVD-C500 Upconverting Portable DVD Player in Black



If you are looking for a portable DVD player under $50, then Samsung has a great offer for you. Samsung DVD-C500 is an upconverting portable player that offers crystal clear audio and DVD quality video.

This player has some of the best features that you could find in a portable DVD player. It comes with a dust-proof feature that stops the dust entering the machine and therefore delivers better playback even after years of usage.

There is also a Progressive Scan Out feature that eliminates distortion from the video and audio, delivering quality that you expect from an expensive DVD player. The player also comes with a remote control and disc recovery feature.

The player has a sleep design and plays 1080p videos, delivering a crisp video quality and perfect audio quality. The player is only 37mm wide, so it’s easy to carry with your wherever you go.

Sylvania SDVD7029 7 inch Portable DVD Player (Certified Refurbished)

When looking for a portable DVD player under $50, then considering a certified refurbished version is one of the best options. Sylvania SDVD7029 Portable DVD Player comes in certified refurbished version that cost under $50.

This player has a 7-inch screen that can rotate at 180-degree. You can fold it flat and turn it into a slate for better portability.

Although it’s a refurbished product, it comes with 90-day warranty. You can buy it without worrying about the product dying on you within the first week. If that happens, you can always send it back for warranty.

This portable player can play DVD, CD, MP3, and JPEG files. That means you can watch movies from DVDs, CDs, listen to your favorite music and even watch pictures on the splendid 7-inch screen.

Sylvania portable DVD player comes with a lithium ion battery that lasts nearly 4 hours when fully charged. If the battery is low, you can plug the charger to continue watching videos.

This player has a stylish textured finish top. It’s fingerprint and scratch resistant, making it one of the best players at this price.

RCA DRC69707 Dual Screen Mobile DVD System (Certified Refurbished)


RCA DRC69707 dual 7-inch screen portable DVD player is another certified refurbished model that is under $50 and it’s worth the money.

The player comes with built-in speakers and headphone slots. It gives you the freedom of watching movies on this DVD player either with the family (audio on speakers) or alone (audio on headphones). The player has a standard 7-inch screen that delivers crisp video.


You have many options to choose from when you have only $50 to spend and you want to buy a portable DVD player. You can buy a new player with standard features or you can choose from number of certified refurbished models that offer features of an expensive DVD player.

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