Portable DVD Player Says “Open when it is Closed”

Portable DVD Player Says

A portable DVD Player is a battery powered mobile device which you can use and carry around with you. You can use them to play DVDs while traveling, which is very convenient.

Nowadays there are portable players which are able to play files from SD cards and USB flash drives so watching movies and other video files has become a lot easier.

Portable DVD Players have been around for years now, designed and created to help consumers watch DVDs even away from home. You can use such a device to watch while traveling on buses, trains and even on long flights. It’s really a great convenience.

So when your player isn’t functioning properly, it can be very annoying. This is especially true when you bring it along on vacation and you’re relying on the device to help distract your kids on a long trip.

One of the most common problems with these devices is when the portable DVD Player says open when it is closed. When this happens, you won’t be able to play the disc inside.

Let’s look at some tips to help you with this particular problem.

Troubleshooting Your Portable DVD Player

At one point or another, you may run into problems with your portable DVD Player. One such problem is when the player says it’s open when you’ve already closed it. There are many reasons for this and they all come with troubleshooting solutions.

Here are some tips for you to consider:

First of all, you have to eliminate all other possibilities. To be able to do this, look at these tips:

  • Your portable player might not be able to properly detect and play recordable DVDs. If your player is unable to detect the DVD, then it may present this particular problem. In this case, refer to the documentation of your player to check what formats it is compatible with.
  • If that doesn’t work, open the player, insert a disc then place your year close to the DVD drawer. Listen closely to be able to determine if the disc is spinning. If there is no sound, then that means that there’s really something wrong. When your disc isn’t spinning, try looking for the cause. Usually the part above the middle of the disc is stuck so you need to reposition it.
  • Your player may be old already, which means dust and deposits have accumulated on the laser which actually reads the discs. If this is the problem, try running a DVD laser cleaner a few times before trying it again. Then try playing your DVD again to check if it already works.
  • Another problem is that the laser of the player becomes misaligned. When this happens, then it will definitely be unable to read DVDs. When there is a misalignment, then you have to bring it to a service center to be repaired.

If these steps don’t fix the problem, then that means something else is wrong. It means that the lock or switch which controls lid is not working or is damaged. In this case, try doing the following:

  • First make sure that the AV switch on the side of the unit is switched to “out” rather than “in.” If this doesn’t solve the problem, then it’s something else.
  • When the closure interlock on the lid isn’t satisfied, then you will experience this error. The interlock is typically found to the left of the open button. Make sure the tab which is located on the top lid hits the switch when you close it. Then the player will detect that it’s no longer open.
  • When the portable DVD Player says open when it is closed then something may be broken inside. The switch/pin that the DVD tray hits to tell when the player is closed may be broken or damaged. In this case, take a paper clip and stretch it out. Try finding a small hole inside the DVD player and insert the paper clip in it. By doing this, you will be pushing a sensor (the switch), which will tell your player that the tray is already closed.

As much as you can, try different things to repair your player. This problem may have different causes and it’s useful for you to find out the cause so you can search for the right solution.

If you perform all these steps and the problem doesn’t go away, you may have to have your player repaired at a service center. Either that or buy a new one.

Typically if you will spend more than 2/3 of what you will spend on a new unit, you’d be better off purchasing a new one. Then you’ll enjoy the benefits of a newer and better portable DVD player.

Other Useful Troubleshooting Tips for Portable DVD Players

This is just one of the problems which you might encounter with a portable DVD player. There are others. Knowing them and knowing how to deal with them will be really helpful for you.

Here are other helpful troubleshooting tips for you to try when other problems arise:

  • If a disc doesn’t play, try cleaning it. It might just be too dirty for the lens to read it.
  • If the screen of what you’re watching seems unbalanced, then check the picture settings of your player.
  • If the DVD tray is stuck, insert a stretched paper clip in the eject hole of the player. Do this to be able to open the tray and retrieve your DVD.
  • If your DVD player suddenly stops working, then check the battery. It might just be low on power or the battery is dead. Plug the player into a wall socket then check if you can turn it on.

If you’ve tried everything and the problem persists, you also have a number of options. First, you can go online and search for troubleshooting tips on the manufacturer’s website.

Or you can search for helpful articles (such as this one) for the more uncommon issues. If you are unable to find solutions, the best thing to do is bring your portable DVD player to the store where you bought it. They might be able to share useful troubleshooting tips with you.

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