Portable DVD player long battery life for making road trips memorable

Portable DVD player long battery life for making road trips memorable

Portable DVD players can help you keep the kids quiet in the car and help you kill the boredom on long road trips. You can play movies and cartoons on the built-in LCD, without having to worry about the limited storage and small screen as in the case of smartphones.

Since most of the top portable DVD players come with a car power adapter, it’s possible to watch movies even when on a day-long trip. For short trips, you can easily rely on the long battery life of the DVD player that you decide to buy.

Many portable DVD players come with a USB or SD card port. So, apart from watching movies from your DVD collection, you can also enjoy the content you downloaded from the internet. You don’t have to copy it onto a DVD as you can plug in the USB and watch your favorite movie on a portable DVD player long battery life.

You can also use portable video players to watch pictures that you took during the trip. Simply, remove the memory card from your camera and insert it into the DVD player. Now scroll through your pictures and relive the moments.

The only downside of portable DVD players is that they don’t utilize the full DVD potential of HD videos. Only a few models have HD screen, allowing you to explore details in a high-quality video file.

How long will the battery last?

Battery timing is going to be your biggest concern when buying portable DVD players.

When people buy these gadgets, they something that will last for hours, allowing uninterrupted movie watching experience without even having to plug the adapter.

Top portable DVD players offer up to eight hours of battery life. However, the battery life will be considerably short when you set the brightness to maximum. So be sure to experiment with the brightness settings to find the most optimal settings for your eyes as well as for the battery life.

It’s important that you read the manufacturer’s promise of the battery life. But it’s even more important that you test the player before you buy it. Sometimes, the battery won’t last as long as printed on the box. On other occasions, it will deliver more, giving you more hours to watch movies than you expected.

Do portable DVD players come with disposable batteries?

If you find yourself in a scenario where you are not able to charge your player, you might consider buying a player that comes with disposable AA or AAA batteries. Unfortunately, there are no top products that use these batteries. The best portable players come with a built-in rechargeable battery.

The problem with disposable batteries is their incredibly short lifespan. They don’t hold a lot of charge, compared to the power needed for the screen and the DVD player to run. Even if you find a way to add a circuit for disposable batteries in a standard DVD players, it will drain the batteries even before it starts playing your favorite film.

How to enjoy long battery life when using a portable DVD player?

Since there is no way to use external disposable batteries with your portable DVD player, it’s important that you learn how to maximize the battery life so that you can continue watching your favorite movies even when you are not able to charge your player for hours.

The easiest way to keep your portable DVD battery healthy and enjoy long battery life is to never over-charge it. Keeping the charger plugged in for hours can slowly reduce the life of your batteries.

Similarly, using the standard charge adapter that comes with the DVD player is important. If you use another adapter, you run the risk of damaging the battery.

If you have to buy a new adapter for some reason, be sure to buy the charger recommended by your manufacturer. It will have optimal voltage and therefore it won’t damage your battery when left plugged, even for hours after the battery is fully charged.

Apart from these simple battery tips, you can also improve battery life of your DVD player by turning down the brightness. It will not only save you battery time but it will also put less stress on your eyes, especially when looking at the screen for longer periods of time.

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