NAVISKAUTO 10.1 IP67 Waterproof Mobile DVD Player

NAVISKAUTO 10.1 IP67 Waterproof Mobile DVD Player

The back seat of a car where young children are sitting can be a dangerous and harsh environment. Cheetos, trail mix, and cups of juice routinely go flying into the air. Loud noises occasionally pierce the air. Things happen basically at random. One only really needs to look at the carpet in the rear of a vehicle routinely used to transport young children to know the story.

This is why the NAVISKAUTO 10.1 IP67 is such a good idea. Never mind the fact that there are many other amazing features about this device. Its biggest draw is that it’s fairly tough, and the whole unit is basically waterproof.


We like many of the other NAVISKAUTO players, but this one might be the best one of them all. It costs a little bit more than some of the other units on our list, but we think that for a lot of buyers this extra cost adds a lot of value to the product.

NAVISKAUTO 10.1 IP67 Features

  • Large 10.1 inch HD screen that has fairly decent clarity and brightness capabilities. The design of the unit is such that it has a ‘’kickstand’’ for propping it on your lap or setting it on a flat surface
  • Did we mention that this NAVISKAUTO machine is waterproof? This is a feature that almost no other unit on the market offers. Great plus for this machine in that it means you can give it to young children to play with, you can take it out to the pool or into the bathroom during a shower, etc.
  • It’s a very versatile machine when it comes to media sources. You can use DVDs, both types of DVDRs, you can use both SD, MMC, and USB sticks. When it comes to video and audio formats from digital sources, you can play the whole range of files; .AVI, DIVX, MPEG4 etc. You just have to be careful when using memory cards because if you do, the machine is not 100% waterproof
  • Very high quality battery that lasts around 5 hours of viewing time. Yes, this battery lasts longer than some of the other units probably because the whole machine is larger in size than some of its competitors, but still, this is a very positive feature
  • The NAVISKAUTO IP67 only weighs 4 pounds! That’s less than most regular size laptops. You can carry it pretty much anywhere and the housing of the device is fairly rugged and well-built.



  • Big-size and quality high-definition monitor. It’s bright and shows decent picture quality. As this is what the #1 goal of a machine like this is, it makes sense that this is the most important feature. If you still have a decent DVD collection, or maybe don’t want to hand over your expensive laptop to your kids to play with, this is a very good option for you
  • Obviously the second big ‘pro’ of this machine is that it’s basically waterproof! I mean, we wouldn’t advise you to throw it in the bathtub while you’re in there taking a bath, but it can surely survive some spills or some time out by the pool or in the bathroom while you’re showering
  • The battery life of this machine is pretty legit. A lot of the cheaper machines only really last about 2 or 3 hours. This one for sure can double that, with most online users clocking 4 or 5 hours of play time. Such a good feature for long trips or situations where you’re far away from a power outlet
  • The NAVISKAUTO IP67 looks big, but it’s not too big to be mounted to the headrest of a car. This is of course a great feature for a lot of our road-tripping readers.
  • The speakers of this unit are actually pretty decent. As mentioned in some of the other reviews, a lot of comparable machines have some pretty tinny and crappy-sounding speakers. These ones are actually pretty good
  • You can plug it into a larger flat screen or even a projector if you want. This is kind of cool if you plan on having maybe having some summertime late-night movie nights out on the patio or even at a campsite
  • The design of the product is fairly pleasing and eye-catching; it almost looks like one of the old-school Apple products. The rounded edges and overall tough build quality are great for using with kids and near water
  • This NAVISKAUTO also includes the ‘last memory’ feature allowing you to return the DVD back to where you left off in event of a pause in the program. A good feature to have when using these with younger children as they’re always needing things like snack and potty breaks
  • The processor and hardware of this machine is set up to accept and play all types of audio formats; specifically, all DVDs, DVDRs and DVDRWs, as well as digital formats like .AVI, .JPEG, DIVX, MPEG4 etc.
  • It also supports all types of external media; besides the obvious DVDs and burned/ripped DVDs, it can also interpret and accept USB sticks, SD cards, and MMC cards. This again is great in case you have a big digital library on a laptop but maybe don’t want to give something that expensive to your kids or take it into the bathroom
  • The battery in this unit recharges pretty quickly. Some of the older units took almost all day just to get back to full power


  • The screen is a bit shiny and in certain environments might produce a bit of glare. Yes, you can buy secondhand screen protectors that apply a bit of a matte finish to the surface, but it would have been nice if this came stock
  • It’s a shame these players (at least in this price bracket and market segment) don’t play Blu-Ray disks. That’s a bit of a reach if you factor in the low cost of this machine, but still it would have been nice
  • Some online users wish the volume could go louder. Most people think it’s OK though, so I’m betting the users that have a problem with this are playing files that are just recorded at a low volume


This is the highest-quality machine we’ve seen and reviewed so far. It has a great screen, it has an eye-catching design, and it works well. The price on the unit is more than fair for what you get. The screen is large, the kickstand feature is pretty cool, and we like that the processor can handle almost all file formats.

On top of it, as we’ve mentioned previously, it’s basically genius that the NAVISKAUTO 10.1 IP67 is basically waterproof. That for us adds a whole lot of value. Many of us already own laptops or high-quality mobile phones, but the waterproofness of this unit combined with its low cost push this product into a whole new level of utility.

We fully recommend this device.

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