KWONGLUNG 10.6 Inch DVD Player Review

KWONGLUNG 10.6 Inch DVD Player Review

The KWONGLUNG 10.6 Inch DVD Player comes with a high-resolution screen. The screen is capable of working at a higher resolution than most devices on the market and the great news is that it also comes with touch keys which will keep you safe on the road. Together with the player, you will receive a remote control, a pole adaptor, IR headphones and a car cigarette lighter.

Most importantly, the DVD player comes with a great performance and good connectivity. This is mainly due to the USB ports and the SD card slots. These connectivity options will thus ensure a fast data transfer which is needed with high-quality large files.


  • 6” screen
  • USB connectivity
  • SD card slot
  • Plays DVD, CD and MP4


  • Included remote control and headphones
  • Can play the same video on two connected devices
  • 1920X1080 resolution


  • Touch keys


If you are looking for an easy to use DV player, KWONGLUNG`s option can be one of the recommended devices for in-car use. Many people are struggling to decide if choosing a touch key design is a good alternative to a touch screen. In truth, they are similar but different and they both have unique advantages.

A touch key design can, in some conditions, come with a better battery life. It can also work better if you plan to have a cleaner screen. And this is where the touchscreen can lose some advantage as it cannot stay perfectly clean as the touch key design. Of course, this will be largely due to the abilities of your children to keep it clean.

But with so many snacks their fingers will get greasy and the best way to keep a clean screen is to actually use a touch key device instead of a touchscreen. Another advantage of this is the lower cost of the technology on the production line. This means you`ll be able to play the DVDs at the same quality but at a lower cost than with the touchscreen player.

The DVD player comes with the ability to play multiple files and discs. You`ll be able to play DVDs, CDs, video CDs, MP4 files etc. Even more, you will benefit from quick data transfer via the connectivity and memory management technologies.

These include the USB port and the SD card slot. The USB port can be a great addition if you plan secure and fast data transfer. SD cards can also represent a good option and can also be a mobile solution with a compact size. It will be up to you to decide on which system to use to play your files.

The DVD player also comes with some accessories which you kids will come to love. The accessories are multiple and they include a car mount system together with a cigarette lighter. But most importantly, the player comes with a remote control and high performing headphones which can ensure a pleasant car experience of all traveling people.

The DVD is thus ready to be used in any car and can be truly a real option in this environment. Although you can use it in other places as well, its design strongly recommends it for use while traveling in a car.


With so many options to choose from, it might be confusing and parents might be left wondering on which design to choose. This is why it can be a good idea to compare two different DVD players.

The KWONGLUNG 10.6 Inch DVD Player DDAUTO DDA10D Tablet Android 6.0 Portable DVD. While the KWONGLUNG comes with the touch key system the DDAUTO DVD player comes with a touchscreen control. This is the main difference between these two players.

It will be up to you to decide which features are more important for you. The most important characteristic to know is that you will have a different user experience with the DVD players.

The touch key design will work for a cleaner screen while the touchscreen design will work for simplicity. Since you will be using both in your car, which one should you choose?

It is true that touchscreens are the future but at the same time, touch key designs can keep the player cleaner. It will be up to you to decide between ease of use and cleanliness.


The KWONGLUNG 10.6 Inch DVD Player is one of the best options for people who want a versatile player which will work well in the car. The truth is that you don`t need many features for this purpose, nor the most sophisticated design.

This is where the player comes with one of the most interesting experiences as it balances the touch key controls with the connectivity and the memory card usability you need for the long roads.

In terms of viewing quality, you will get a display which is far above the similar options on the market. This can be a major plus in the right hands as it can provide the quality needed for some special effects details or even for some games.

If you factor in the fact that you can even control the device from a remote control, you will soon have one of the better options in terms of comfort and maintenance. Even more, you`ll be glad to know the device offers a good response in many types of situations which are not meant for the overall usage.

This includes the headphones that come in the pack. One of the drawbacks of the player comes with the lack of a detailed user manual. But since the menu and controls are intuitive, you will not need to refer to the manual anyway.

The good news is that the device is truly made for kids who enjoy having an occupation while on a longer journey or for adults sitting in the back. And for this purpose, you will get a device which will actually deliver good quality videos in various formats from various sources such as DVDs or memory cards.

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