This KORAMZI is a great value for money. It might even be the best value in our review. Basically, this unit is an 80 or 100 dollar machine for only half that. Even better, this portable DVD player even comes with a few nice gifts to sweeten the deal.

In all actuality, most of these devices have similar components. The names are tossed on the lids arbitrarily by Chinese factories in order to differentiate them. Once you figure that out, this machine becomes even more of a bargain.

If you look at the exterior housing of the KORAMZI 7-inch Portable DVD Player compared to many of the others reviewed in this guide…you’ll realize they’re the same.


KORAMZI 7 Inch Features

  • Insanely good quality to price ratio. This gives you basically the same performance as most of the other players at half the cost. Make sure to shop around before purchasing to grab the best price
  • The hardware has a USB and SD card reader. Super convenient if you’re like us and have a laptop or external hard drive full of movies and music; this way you don’t have to keep burning DVDs
  • The screen is a 7 inch full color TFT model that spins and folds 270 degrees. It also folds flat, in a sort of ‘tablet mode’ for those of us who are train or bus commuters
  • The DVD player is a multimedia and multi-zone newer-style unit, so no matter what country you travel to or what country you order DVDs from, this unit will play them. This also goes for picture disks and/or raw video files from SD cards like .AVI, DIVX, and the like
  • Full complement of peripherals and cords included in the box, including an AC power cord, a remote, and a strap to mount the KORAMZI to a car headrest. But as they say in the classic advertisements…there’s more. This machine also comes with both a carry bag and a set of headphones. Honestly this really takes this package into ‘very good deal’ territory, as most online retailers have this at around 50 US dollars



  • Koramzi is another large Chinese holding company-style name that’s branded on ton of goods; hundreds of products bear that name. Some are things like sound bars and boom boxes, others are as simple as mounting brackets for flat screen TVs. Luckily they don’t seem to be any more or less reliable than pretty much any other of these types of ‘brands.’
  • The build quality of this device is pretty good, and this device has a good reputation for quality.
  • The screen on this device is like many of the others, in that it rotates and folds 270 degrees. This is great in that you can place it on a center console in a car, or strap it to a headrest, or put the device in ’tablet mode’ and watch it on your lap
  • Obviously the other ‘pro’ is the price; a lot of similar products cost around double what you can find this one for. As far as we can tell, the higher-priced ones don’t seem to be made any better than this one. This of course makes the KORAMZI look good!
  • The low price of this unit really increases the utility of the device. At around 40 or 50 dollars, it makes buying two and putting them on both headrests an option. Plus, with such a low initial cost it should take some of the worry out of handing these things over to your kids to use
  • The KORAMZI is about average size for a portable DVD player, meaning larger than a ‘phablet’ or tablet but smaller than a laptop. It’s for sure easy to slip this device into a small backpack or tote bag and take it on a trip
  • It works well with solid-state memory like Micro SD cards and USBs, and should also play things like external hard drives. Everyone knows someone with a big collection of movies and music on their laptop or desktop, so if you’re one of those types of people, this is the feature for you
  • Another positive with this machine is that it has a built-in internal battery
  • Finally, let’s talk about the complete package this whole system seems to be; it comes with a fairly decent carry bag. Never a bad thing to have laying around, especially one that was made or picked out to work specifically with this device
  • That’s not all; the KORAMZI also comes with a pair of over-the-ear headphones. We all know the speakers in these systems leave a lot to be desired, so if you’re watching the latest James Bond or just listening to some music, it’s nice that this package includes headphones. Honestly, your seatmates on the plane or on the train might also be happy about this one!


  • Package doesn’t include a car charger. So you’ll have to find one of those if you plan to be out away from an outlet for more than a couple hours. But we don’t think this negatively affects the rankings or our thoughts about this device so much
  • That’s honestly the only real negative about this machine. We could fault it for not being a dual-monitor system, or not having a super-nice screen, or not knowing much about the battery life. But this device honestly seems to be the exact same as the others. Even if it’s not; even if it’s worse than the others…then it would still be a good buy due to its low price


We give this KORAMZI the full 4 out of 4 stars as an official review. Basically, as stated earlier, this machine is a very quality device, about on equal as any of the others…at half the cost. Throw in the extras and this is a really good deal.

Maybe do your best to purchase the KORAMZI 7-inch Portable DVD Player from a retailer that has a decent return policy just in case, but we think you would do well by owning this product.

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