Insignia 9″ Dual Screen Dual Disc Portable DVD Players

Insignia 9

This is a dual-screen, dual disc system; meaning, each player plays its own disc and has its own internal system inside of it. This varies greatly from a ‘’master/slave’’ system, where one of the devices is basically just a screen that gets audio and video information from another one.

Obviously there are a lot of positives to the Insignia 9″ Dual Screen Dual Disc Portable DVD Player. The positives are many; the main one is that people can use each one independently. If you want to watch ‘’Caddyshack’’ while your friend wants to watch “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze’’ it’s no problem. Both people can do whatever they want independently of each other. But the cool thing is, you can also share a DVD with the included connector cord.

To get it to work, you have to go into the settings of one of the players and mess with it a little bit, but doing that is way easier than trying to synchronize 2 DVD players with 2 different discs!

Insignia 9″ Dual Screen Dual Disc Portable DVD Players Features           

  • First, the obvious; these are dual portable DVD players with 9 inch screens. They can be used independently of each other, or they can be synchronized to play 1 DVD using the included cord
  • As these are new, modern units, they can play both DVD, DVDR, DVDRW, CD, and JPEG disks. In addition, these are ‘region-free’ players that have no problem interpreting disks from any area of the globe. This of course is a great feature for something that was designed to be used for traveling
  • The two units also have two separate headphone jacks, which surely comes in handy in the evening times while in the middle of a road trip
  • Each screen also has an individual A/V output for external data, and each screen also comes with an individual mounting strap so you can double-mount them, one on each headrest in your ride
  • The system also comes with the internal ‘’memory’’ feature, meaning it will remember where you ‘’were’’ in the film in case you need to interrupt the playback for any reason. As noted in some of the other reviews, this is great for road trips in cars


  • These are really high-quality units in terms of both screen clarity and build quality. Honestly, these might have the highest level of build quality out of all of the machines researched for this review; they look like they cost a lot more than they do. (That’s a compliment, by the way.)
  • Each machine has built-in speakers and nicely-designed buttons, and they both look and feel very functional and sturdy. Even the bezel and surrounds on the edges of the screens look very clean and high-quality
  • These are newer-generation machines, so they have no problem playing retail DVDs, DVDRs, DVRWs, and also CD and JPEG discs
  • They’re what are called ‘’multi-region’’ DVD players, which is great in case you have DVDs purchased from other countries or in case you plan to travel to faraway locales
  • Each machine has its own headphone jack and its own A/V output; in short, these are very independent devices if you want them to be. For us, that only increases the value of these machines
  • The price on this system is very reasonable; most online outlets have these for around 80-100 US dollars as of this writing. For what you get, this is a pretty good price; most comparable units go for around 150 in retail stores
  • As written above, these machines have a ‘’memory’’ feature, which is especially handy if you’re on a car trip with young children that need frequent food and bathroom breaks. All you have to do is hit the power button again, go to the menu, and push ‘resume’ to start up back where you were before in the film
  • The design of these players seems to be very good. Some cheaper players make lots of ‘’whirring’’ noises while in operation, or ‘’scraping’’ the disk while they’re strapped down to headrests. These machines do no such thing
  • The speakers on these units are quite small, but they’re loud enough for most users. That’s another standard problem with these types of things that the Insignia units DON’T have
  • Finally, these are also good for long plane and train flights…as long as you have access to power


  • Sadly, these machines seem to kind of have it all…except some sort of built in battery system. So don’t think you can watch these screens in airport lobbies or other places where power is scarce. Luckily at least for us this isn’t a big negative; it’s not really what these types of devices were made for
  • The other real negative is also kind of minor; these screens don’t come with a remote. So they might not be the best choices for entertaining small children


These are nice devices, some of the best in the review guide.

The Insignia brand is actually quite well known compared to many of the other brands in the guide, and the design and build quality of the I Insignia 9″ Dual Screen Dual Disc Portable DVD Player is absolutely top-notch.

The only real negative here is the lack of an internal battery, but these two-screen setups aren’t really made for portability. They’re made to be installed and/or used in vehicles during trips, and in this job these excel.

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