Impecca Portable DVD Player Review

Impecca Portable DVD Player Review

Traveling is fun. But long travels kill off the fun since you have to endure hours of sitting. You can turn your boring travel moments with a little modification and creativity.

You can set up a mini movie marathon or enjoy a karaoke session while traveling. It will surely kill time and eliminate the boring “counting hours” moments. Plus, it will give an opportunity for you to bond with your kids. Or you could work while your kids are enjoying their favorite cartoon movies.

Finding the best deal is often tricky because there are numerous brands in the market. So to help you make a wise decision, we researched the best affordable DVD products. The Impecca Portable DVD Player is one of one great choice of quality and budget merged into one.


Impecca is manufactured to ease your boring moments away and provide on the go entertainment. You can watch movies, listen to music, sing like a pro in your private karaoke. You may also listen to soothing and inspiring audio books.

It offers exceptional and fabulous entrainment during travels and kills boredom. So instead of waiting till you arrive at your destination, you may enjoy a movie marathon. Whether you’re alone or with your kids, Impecca will surely bring the fun.

Easy to Install

The package includes a deluxe travel bag which you may use in multi ways. It is basically a protection bag against moisture and dust. But you may convert it into a compact and space saving storage bag alternative.

Or you can use it as a player rack and attach to the headrest. This way you could enjoy movie streaming on the go.

Advanced Screen Technology

Impecca DVD player comes with a 13.3 inch LCD display equipped with 1024×600 image resolution. With its advanced screen technology, you could expect clearer, crispier, and detailed image display.

It also comes with a built in shock resistant feature. This protects the unit from potential damaged incurred from the bumpy and rough travels.

Impecca’s 13.3 inch LCD display screen is also integrated with an 80° swivel system. You could tilt it left and right to meet your viewing angle requirement.

This feature allows all backseat passenger to comfortably watch the movie playing in its screen.

Available Digital Media Slots

The Impecca portable DVD player has an available built in USB port and SD card slot. You could access your movie and music files saved on your USB and SD card devices. It is also compatible with all types of digital media. So you could access all types of files with Impecca.


The product comes with a functional and easy to navigate remote control for easy operation. You could switch from one movie to another without manually adjusting the player’s settings. Just press the remote control, adjust its settings and you’re good to go.

It also comes with a car charger for easy and on the go recharging. You don’t have to worry about possible movie streaming interruption due to low battery level.

Just plug the free car charger and connect it to your car’s cigarette lighter. Then enjoy unlimited music or movie marathon while journeying the long road to your destination. When electric supply is available, use its free AC power adapter for direct charging.

It also includes a free RCA connector. You may use it when viewing on a larger screen such as TV. Just plug the cable into the correct port to enjoy streaming on a larger screen.

You may also use the free ear buds included in the package for private listening.

Battery Life

Enjoy wireless karaoke session, music jamming or movie marathon with Impecca. It was made possible by its built in lithium polymer rechargeable battery. Enjoy 5 hours of continuous playback time then recharge it as soon as needed.

Last Memory Support

Impecca also features a last memory support function. This allows you to continue watching your favorite movie from where you last left it.

Its system automatically saves the last scene played before you shut it off. So when you get back, you’ll be able to enjoy the next scenes without hassles.


  • It comes in a black and red color combination which contributes to product’s visual aesthetics
  • Its battery comes with a long playback time of 5 hours. This allows you to watch more than one movie before its battery dies down
  • It has a 13.3-inch large display screen with 1024×600 resolution providing high-quality image display


  • It doesn’t have a flipping feature. It would’ve been better if it can be folded and turn it into a tablet. This missing feature would’ve occupied minimal storage and viewing space


Impecca is a great product under this budget range. With its jam packed features such as long battery life, multiple power sources. It also has a swivel screen display.

You can tilt it at 80°for maximum visibility and comfortable viewing. Plus it has a built-in USB and SD card slot that plays all digital media.


Impecca Portable DVD player is a great deal for a budget friendly rate. It has almost the same features as compared to its counterparts. Just like Autotain portable DVD player, its memory is equipped with break point function.

It is also compatible and plays with all digital medias same with Autotain DVD. But of course, compared to its counterparts, it’s a quality product at the best price.


The Impecca Portable DVD Player is a highly recommended portable DVD for car headrest. It offers not just quality but affordability as well. Who says you need to spend more to get the best product? With a limited budget, you can have the same exact quality features offered by other brands.

A brief yet thorough research can help you make a smart decision. Impecca is a good example of this. Who would’ve known that at a low budget, you could get a quality product?

With a good research and smart decision making, you can get the greatest deal and quality products at a good rate.

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