ieGeek 12.5 360

ieGeek 12.5 360

This ieGeek portable DVD player is a fairly quality choice when it comes to a new and rather inexpensive portable entertainment system. It has a few pretty good perks that set it apart from the pack, and all without jacking the price up.

It has a decent-sized screen, it can play direct from USB sticks or SD cards, and the battery runs for a fairly-epic 5 hours. It’s well-designed, has a good reputation online, and a decent warranty.

What’s great is that the company maker behind ieGeek seems to not only have improved the battery, they’ve also upgraded the firmware of the unit. This continuity and dedication to upgrading existing products is something companies like Apple and Samsung do, but it’s not something you usually see from smaller companies.

Finally, you have to love a portable DVD player that also includes a USB-powered game controller and a bunch of classic arcade games as part of the bundle. Let’s go through the features of the ieGeek 12.5


ieGeek 12.5 360 Features

  • The ieGeek has a very strong 5 hour battery tucked inside its colorful case. Read that again: 5 hours. That’s double the playing time of what a lot of portable players offer. What’s more amazing is that the ieGeek can offer that level of playback time with such a large and colorful screen, and in such a slim package
  • Let’s be clear about one thing; the product is called the ieGeek 12.5, but the actual screen size is 9 inches. We’re not sure if this is deliberate or not, but we wanted to make sure our readers know and understand the differentiation
  • Like many players, you can also play files directly from SD cards and USB sticks. This is super convenient, and the machine can handle RMBV files, MP4 files, .AVI files, and almost all digital video formats
  • The manufacturer’s warranty on this ieGeek is very strong. The have a 60 day full-money-back guarantee, and warranty the machine from defects for a further 18 months. This is a very rare bird in the portable-DVD-player game. Most warranties on these types of things come from third party resellers, not from the manufacturers themselves, so this is a refreshing plus
  • Includes a USB-powered game joystick and a small mini-DVD full of games! How can you not like a machine that gives you a bonus like that



  • ieGeek is a large catchall brand for lots of small Chinese electronic products and finished goods, anything from LED lights for growing plants to small USB-powered security cameras. What’s great about this company is that unlike some on the market, they have a 2-month money-back guarantee on their products
  • Not only that, they also give an additional 18 month warranty against things like defective workmanship. It’s nice to see small companies like ieGeek stand behind their products. Their gear has a decent reputation online, with almost all of it rating pretty favorably on the big e-commerce sites
  • A great feature is direct play, meaning the ability to play right from an SD card or USB stick instead of having to burn DVDs all the time. There’s a separate USB plug for the game controller, meaning you can have the controller plugged in and still read from a USB stick
  • The ieGeek machine, (like many of the newer portable DVD players) can play from virtually any type of digital video source file, like AVI, DIVX, MPEG4, WMA, and the like. Handy if you have a large digital film collection
  • The design of the ieGeek is pretty nice. Depending on when and where you buy it, you can find it in a couple of different colorways; we’ve seen at least purple and a lighter blue as variants. The buttons feel solid to the touch, and have a metallic finish to them that feels satisfying
  • The screen (like with many other portable DVD players) is fully rotatable and can also fold flat against the device, which is great if you end up taking trains or planes often and want to hold the device in your lap
  • The bezel is fairly thick, like others in the price range, but there’s also one thing about the screen; it claims to have eye protection built in to it
  • This machine has both built-in speakers and a headphone jack. The speakers are a bit small, so they work best for dialogue and films. If you plan on listening to music, it’s probably a good idea to use headphones
  • The battery of the ieGeek is a powerhouse! It lasts around 4.5 to 5 hours. This is great in that even if you’re watching something like ‘The Godfather’ you won’t run out of juice until after the film is over
  • The ieGeek comes with the full complement of peripheral cords and connectors. In the box is an AC wall wart cord, a car cigarette lighter adapter, an A/V cord, a remote, and even the bonus video game controller
  • The color saturation and viewing angles of the monitor are decent. The remote control, at least according to reports online, seems to work well and is designed intelligently


  • We were a bit misled by the name of the device…it’s called the ieGeek 12.1, so we automatically assumed the screen size would be 12.1 inches. Nope. That’s the overall size of the device. Obviously there’s no federal law that says you need to name your device after the screen size, but 99% of the industry does just that. This makes us think this name is misleading and should be changed
  • We also wish the speakers in the unit were louder. They work well if I’m watching ‘The Goonies’ but they leave a bit more to be desired if I want to turn some music on. This is a small gripe, but we feel like it’s something that should be mentioned


We give the ieGeek 4 out of 4 stars in our rating system. This is because it has such nice battery life, it seems to work very well, and has great durability. We love that it comes with an extra video game controller and game disk, and we’re reassured by the in-house warranty from the company.

Lots of outfits make these sorts of things, and most of them don’t have a 2-month money-back warranty, or such a long defects-in-workmanship window. We love that all of these things come as benefits, but the price of the ieGeek is basically the exact same as any of the other units.

In short, we recommend this device fully.

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