How to Mount a Portable DVD Player in Your Car

How to Mount a Portable DVD Player in Your Car

There are many methods of mounting a portable DVD player. The easiest method is simply by choosing a design which comes with a strap. These straps can be of different wideness and they can go around the headrest. You would then have to mount the player with two support brackets into the straps. This is one of the simplest methods of installing a DVD player

Mounting poles

A popular design comes with mounting poles. Although this is not the design which comes with all DPD players, it is one of the common options manufacturers use. This is due to the fact that these can cover a large number of headrests and they can work as a simple solution.

The first step is to remove the headrest completely. Depending on your car, you`ll need to press the release button at the bottom of the headrest and the top of the car seat. This will allow you to release the headrest and to remove it from the seat.

This is when you`ll be able to compare the mounting poles to your headrest and insert it back into position with the mounted system. The DVD player also gets an attaching bracket which will slide in the mounting system and you will be ready to use the player for the first time.

Unlike many other similar situations which require you a complex approach towards mounting a DVD players, these two mounting system will be the most popular options for many types of devices. The good news is that they are not complicated to mount and they can be installed in a few minutes.

Top tips when mounting a portable DVD player

When you are trying to install a portable DVD player you will need to follow a few simple rules. These will ensure you`ll be ready to use the player in a short period of time and the good news is that this will represent a top choice for people who want a hassle-free solution in their cars.

Since many people purchase these players for their kids, the first tip is to look for a good mount which is safe to use. Then you`ll need to ensure the player can be easily plugged into the car charger and that it can also be easily removed when not traveling with the car.

Safety first

You want to ensure you mount the DVD player in the safest way. This means you`ll have to follow the installation instructions that come with the device and avoid any other home-made installation system.

At the end of the day, the player needs to be safely secured to the headrest and also not disturb the passengers in the front. Also for safety purposes, you`ll want to ensure the cables are out of the way as much as possible. You will thus need to keep the cables away from the driver or even the passengers in the back.

Many children can trip with cables when getting in or out of the car and this is why it is important to limit their use and keep them away as much as possible.

Some DVD players go even further and this is why the come with rounded edges. These edges will prove to be a good addition to your safety concerns as they can keep children away from possible accidents.

These accidents can happen from multiple reasons and it is important to consider how sharper edges can provide a safety hazard. In most situations, if mounted correctly, this should not be the case, but rounded edges can be a better choice especially if you have smaller children.

Charging and cables

Charging plays an essential role when mounting the DVD player. You will need easy access to the cigarette charger and this is why DVD players are best mounted on headrests.

This is where you will have easy access to plug and unplug the charger and the best solution is simply represented by the idea that you will need to find the quickest route for the cable to avoid getting it in your way.

This raises another problem which needs addressing. If you have multiple cables such as a charging cable and a HDMI cable, you should avoid mounting them at the same time and using them at the same time. Too many cables will increase the risk of accidents.

This is why when you install the DVD player you will see that most headphones come with no cable as they work with FM technologies. They use batteries and no cables to keep the experience as safe as possible. Finding the best alternative in terms of cable management should be a safety priority.

So what can you do to avoid this? You can start by charging the DVD player at home before trips. You can also ensure you purchase a device which comes with a remote control. This will considerably reduce the need to be close to the player as it can be controlled from a distance.

It will also prove to be a good safety addition as passengers in the back don`t have to remove their seatbelts to access the controls of the player. With so many accessories with modern DVD players, having wireless solutions can be a good way to go in terms of safety concerns.

Mounting a DVD player should not be too complicated. Its intuitive mounting system is here to ensure it is not that complicated to achieve in a few minutes. If you are unsure on how to proceed, you should always consult the owner`s manual.

But the good news is that most systems use similar designs and once you mount a DVD player you`ll be able to do so in the future with other models. The best part is that you will safely secure the player in a good position which will not affect the passengers in the back or the passengers in the front of the car.

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