How To Clean Your Portable DVD Player

How to clean your portable DVD player

Portable DVD players are a top choice for the people around the world because of lightweight, small in size, easy-to-carry, and sleek designs. Portable DVD players come with a rechargeable battery; letting people play DVD’s on the go without having to plug into a power source. Most of the good-quality portables provide at least 4 hours of battery backup.

However, there are a few drawbacks. One of them is to clean the product when it’s not reading the DVD. Because of its small size, it becomes difficult to reach the lens and clean it. Also, it’s an excellent product, so people mostly hesitate even to play around with it and find a way to make the lens read the DVDs.

If your portable DVD player isn’t reading the DVD’s well, and you feel the need to clean it, then you are at the right place. There are some simple ways through which you can quickly clean your portable DVD player. Let us explain you through a step-by-step guide. Read on:

How to clean your portable DVD Player?

  • First, you need to make sure that your DVD player doesn’t have any discs inside. To clean the player properly, you need to take out disc and turn off the player
  • Now you need to put the player somewhere you can easily clean it. Don’t just hold it in your hands. Find a counter or a table top. Make sure that the surface is clean
  • Start the procedure by cleaning the player from the outside with a clean and soft cloth
  • Now it’s time to open up the DVD player so that you can clean the inside. For that, you need to open the top of your player and reach the lens with a soft cloth
  • Be very careful when cleaning the player from the inside with a cloth. You don’t want to run any part. Just wipe gently to clean the dust
  • In most cases, your player will be shinning again after you do the cleaning for a minute or so with a dry cloth. However, you may have to use a cloth soaked in a cleaning solution when you can’t remove the debris from the player using dry cloth. You can use alcohol or buy a standard cleaning solution for this purpose
  • If you feel that dust has deposited on the vents and disc tray that’s impossible to remove with a cloth, try using compressed air. Buy a can of it and spray the air into the vents. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out of vents and tight corners
  • Once you have removed all the dust, it’s time to close the top lid of the player. Plug the power cord, insert a DVD, and run the player

What if the Portable DVD Player isn’t reading the DVD?

When you own a portable DVD player, chances are that it will die on you at some point. However, every time it stops ready a DVD, it’s doesn’t mean the player has reached the end of its life.

In many cases, the problem is curable and you can bring your DVD player back to life.

When a DVD player stops reading the disc, it’s often due to a dirty lens. So, in these cases, all you need to do is to clean the lens and your player will be playing the movies like it did on the first day.

To clean the lens, follow simple instructions below.

The first approach is to open the player and reach the lens directly. The lens in a standard DVD player is sitting under the disc tray. So, you need to unscrew the tray and then clean the lens using compressed air.

If the compressed air fails to do the trick for you, simply take a cotton blob and soak it in alcohol. Wipe it gently on the lens, without applying any pressure at all.

If you think this is too much of work and not something you are comfortable with (some people have anxiety problems when they try to unscrew complicated machines), there are other options. The simplest of them all is to buy a lens cleaning kit from the market. These kits are easy to use as you only need to insert a cleaning disc into the tray. You sit back and relax while the cleaning disc does its job and clean the lens of any dust or dirt.

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