eRapta EHD101: A Review

eRapta EHD101: A Review

Traffic jams are definitely a bane while traveling, it turns what’s supposed to be a fun road trip into a drag as everyone’s mood turns sour each time one of the impatient little passengers says “Are we there yet?”.
Thanks to mod cons like car DVD players, our attention deficit disorders are kept in check, and yesterday we had a chance to take a car headrest portable DVD player—eRapta EHD101 to a test drive.


  • Car Headrest DVD Player with 10.1-inch Digital TFT LCD Screen with Hitachi lens
  • Pixel: 1024 (W) x 3 (RGB) x 600 (H)
  • Color System: PAL/ NTSC/ AUTO
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40°C
  • Dimensions: 271mm x 178mm x 38mm
  • Package Dimension: 32 x 22 x 12CM
  • Built-in IR/FM/Speaker
  • Built-in HDMI Input Port
  • Earphone: DC 12V Input

Compatible with VCD/ DVD/ MP3 /DAT/ FLV/ VOB/ CD/ MP4/ XVID/ AVI/ 3GB/ RMVB
First, let’s talk about the eRapta EHD101 portable DVD player’s look and feel. It’s solidly-built, classy, and its plastic body does not feel cheap. It looks premium, and it will complement any good-looking car’s sleek dashboard. It has one bezel in front for the power button, and six digital buttons for the controls. The bezel and the touch buttons were very responsive. Overall you will love the sleek utilitarian look of this in-car entertainment.


The 10.1inch Digital TFT liquid crystal display screen (HITACHI lens) has 1204 pixels (W) X 600 pixels (H) and 3 (RGB) color. It definitely packs a punch when it comes to the display department, the colors were bright and vivid with just the right saturation.
The unit was tested by playing a cartoon movie while inside the car and it was a sight to behold. This is a deal maker since this portable DVD player will be used while driving where glare, reflection as well as sunlight could affect the overall viewing experience. Its nighttime performance is also something to write home about. The horror movie played during the nighttime drive had the blackest of blacks—the shadowy scenes from the movie were displayed perfectly due to the excellent contrast ratio.


While inside the car, the audio was decent. The bass and the higher pitch were distinct though it doesn’t crank up the volume as much as one would like it to. It is equipped with 12v input headset and this may be your option if you want better auditory experience.

Supported File Format

The DVD player plays a wide variety of formats, so you don’t get disappointed when a movie you took a long time to find and download won’t play. It just works. The unit comes with an HDMI cord so you can easily playback the day’s video for viewing. Neat, eh? No need to convert files just to watch the latest episode of your favorite series. The DVD player is also equipped with USB port, so you download your kid’s favorite show, plug it in and everyone’s happy. It will be your handy helpful babysitter during long rides.

Ease of installation

What one will like about this unit is the ease of propping the contraption on the headrest bars. You just have to spring load the holder in between the headrest bars and release. That’s it. No screws or velcros. The contraption was really stable.


The remote control was a bit clunky as it has buttons for gaming. The box also came with several cords, for HDMI viewing, connection to speakers as well as the car. It also comes with two chargers, the conventional wall charger, and car charger. The manual was short and concise so it is easy to understand. It is lacking however for more entries for troubleshooting.


Nice display, solid compact build, easy installation and secure contraption as well as the wide range of supported media format.


It is lacking in the sound department, it doesn’t have enough volume for everyone in the car to enjoy the audio. This is probably a blessing in disguise, however, as no one would probably want to hear the theme of your child’s cartoon of the month played several times in a row. The remote. It has buttons for gaming. No one uses a remote control for gaming unless it is for a dedicated gaming console, right? So really, these are just niggling details that we nitpicked for its sake. Not a deal breaker.


eRapta EHD101 ticks most of the requirements for in-car movie viewing. For the sake of argument let’s look at its closest competition.
NaviSkauto: CH1001B, this car headrest DVD Player also boasts of the same screen size at 10.1 inches and almost the same specifications. It has the same contraption for installing onto the car headrest but all similarities end there.

NaviSkauto supports limited media format as shown below:

Nobody writes their own CD anymore, though this player also has SD card slot and USB port, same with eRapta EHD101. So if one were to choose, one would pick eRapta. This handy player plays almost all available media formats.


When traveling, we did not have to worry about gadgets flying everywhere whenever there is an unavoidable, sudden brake. The contraption is so secure that the thought of hanging a bag on it doesn’t sound dubious. This kind of stability is very reassuring. The player’s performance is reliable as well. It did not stop or pause whenever the car hits a speed bump.

Furthermore, whenever we need to step out from the car and there’s a need to stop the video, it resumes where we left off, it does not restart, unlike other players. It is also very easy to operate; children ages 10 and below can learn how to use it in 15 minutes or less.

In conclusion, there is nothing not to like about eRapta EHD101. In a rambunctious group of users, this consensus seldom happens. So go ahead, buy it if you want peaceful long drives. It is good for entertaining the kids, so you can focus on the road.

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