Disney 7-inch Dual Screen Mobile DVD Player

Disney 7 inch Dual Screen Mobile DVD Player DH7500PDD

OK, so it’s pretty obvious who the target market is with this dual-DVD-monitor unit. Disney is the most recognizable worldwide brand when it comes to the entertainment of young children, so let’s see how their branded portable DVD monitors stack up against the competition.

The first and most important thing to bring up about this package is that it’s not just one unit, its two! They’re surely designed with younger children in mind; the units have rounded edges, carry very light in the hand, and there’s two of them in the package!

The price on these is fairly cheap, with most online retailers selling the set of two for under a hundred US dollars. The fact that you get two monitors and two sets of headphones for that price seems like a very good deal, so in this review we’ll check out what’s inside the DH7500PDD bundle, and decide whether it’s worth your money or not.

Disney 7-inch Dual Screen Mobile DVD Player Features

  • Like many portable DVD players, these support CDs, CDRs, DVDs, DVDrs, and picture CDs. These are great especially if you have a computer and want to burn some films for your kids…a lot of the cheaper players don’t always play burned DVDs. Luckily in this case the Disney people have you covered
  • It’s obvious, but it’s nice that this package includes two monitors! If you’ve got two children in the backseats of your ride during a road trip, they’ll surely be appreciative of the fact that they both have their own personal screen. Might as well travel like VIP’s
  • Not only do you get two screens, the fine folks at Disney also include two sets of headphones. This seems to benefit the parents more than anything, but it is here where we really appreciate the farsightedness of the Disney product engineers. Even two or three hours of quiet time when you’re road-tripping with two young children is a big plus
  • The design of the units is fairly well executed. The two screens connect together with magnets for easy carrying, and both screens have their own built-in speakers. The units fold up for easy storage, and they also fit fairly easily on the backs of most headrests
  • The package includes a bonus DVD with slides from the Disney hit ‘’High School Musical’’ so if your little ones are fans of those characters, you’re in luck



  • This one’s basic: the system comes with two monitors! If you’ve ever been in a small, confined area with more than one young child, you understand the importance of keeping them both calm. And this way, they both get their own monitor. Each monitor has a 7 inch screen built around a special housing with Disney branding front and center
  • You also get two pairs of headphones. This again is key in calming the whole atmosphere down. Not only do you get the two kids to settle down and be quiet for a few hours, hopefully you get to do this while they hear Finding Nemo or Bob the Builder through headphones instead of speakers
  • Both units connect to each other with a cord; this cord provides both power and a video signal to the slave unit. The system doesn’t have any sort of rechargeable internal battery system, but in a pinch you can run the two screens off of batteries in a pinch
  • The best way to set up this system is to just strap them, rearward-facing, to the front headrests. The system also includes a handy remote control, so you can turn it on and off yourself or hand the remote to your kids
  • Though they won’t be confused with rock-concert-worthy speakers, there are small audio speakers inside each unit. Some online reviewers say these speakers don’t get too loud, so know that before you buy
  • The design of the whole system is actually pretty nice. Both units snap together with magnets to form one larger ‘’case,’’ and the hole at the top functions perfectly as a handle. The only real negative here is that one of the screens works fully as a slave unit…meaning the controls like volume, menu scrolling etc can only be done from the main device. This isn’t really much of a negative, but we feel like it’s something that should be said
  • Like most portable DVD players coming out these days, the Disney DH7500PDD supports most if not all media formats. This includes CDs, CDRs, DVDs, DVD-R and DVD-RW, as well as picture CDs. This comes in handy for sure if you’ve got a decent video collection on your computer and want to burn some DVDs for the trip. A lot of older units had problems playing these kinds of discs, so this is a solid feature for sure
  • The DH7500PDD also of course comes equipped with the proper amount of cords and peripherals. You get a cigarette lighter ‘car adapter’ charger, a ‘wall wart’ AC charger, and an A/V cable. Of course, it also comes with the remote, which at least according to the online testing data seems to work OK
  • Finally, the setup includes a Picture DVD with slides from Disney’s High School Musical, so if your youngsters are fans of those characters, then you’ll be in luck


  • Now we really get to the ‘review’ portion of this review. There are some build quality issues with these devices. We don’t have any problems with the design or the price of the units, but sometimes it’s hard to keep these devices alive
  • Sometimes one of the screens can go blank or short out. It’s not even consistent; sometimes it’s the main screen that goes out, while other times it’s the slave unit. Either way, there seems to be some quality control problems with these devices
  • Obviously, there are ways to protect you and your wallet from this kind of thing; if you decide to buy this system, think about getting it from an online retailer or brick-and-mortar store that has a generous return policy. There’s also the idea to put the purchase on a debit card or credit card, so if you do get a bad system you can ask a third party (your bank or credit card company) to refuse or revert the charge


The design of these screens is pretty cool. We like how they’re set up, how they link together, and how they include two sets of headphones. We like that the price for the system is rather reasonable. However, durability levels for these units is not positive.

So we do not recommend our readers to purchase these units. We give the Disney 7-inch Dual Screen Mobile DVD Player 1.5 stars out of 4. As mentioned above, if you do plan to purchase the devices, make sure and get yourself a good warranty from a store. There’s also the idea of buying these on a debit card or credit card. Either way, stay protected and safe out there on the roads.

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