DBPOWER 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player

This DBPOWER portable DVD player is more than meets the eye. It’s not the most expensive of devices, yet it still offers a whole lot of features.

It includes a USB-connected video game controller in the bundle. That’s pretty cool. There’s even a mini-DVD that has a bunch of old classic arcade games on it.

You could spend more money and get a device that looks better or has a higher build quality, but this DBPOWER 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player has a very good quality-to-price ratio. It’s a good buy for people who want to take a personal DVD player camping, or also to entertain small children during car trips.


DBPOWER 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player Features

  • Has a fairly high battery life of 5 hours. This way you don’t need to attach a bunch of cords to get it running during car trips, and you can watch 1 or two whole films without a problem
  • Included USB and SD card reader, should you want to burn CDs and DVDs
  • Compatible with a whole ton of audio and video formats. This is also super important because these days videos come in files like AVI, XVID, MPEG, JPEG, CD, DVD etc. Either way this machine has you covered
  • Full 270-degree visibility and swivel capabilities. Again this mainly comes in handy if you’re trying to use this in a confined space like on top of a center console in a car
  • Includes AC adapter, car adapter, AV controller, game controller and even remote control for ease of access and use



  • DBPOWER might not be a household name for a lot of Americans because they don’t do any advertising, or put their name on any high-visibility products like mobile phones, but they sure sell a whole lot of portable DVD players
  • One in three portable DVD players that are sold on Amazon come from DBPOWER, so you can rest assured that there are a lot of these out there & also that their build quality controls are decent
  • Really long battery life. A lot of the problems with some of these budget Chinese-made players comes from things you can’t really quantify in a review; specifically things like build quality or battery life. In this case, the battery runs for 5 hours
  • 270 Degree rotation. As mentioned above, this really helps when you’re trying to use the DBPOWER in the car. Lots of times the best placement for these devices is on the center console, facing backwards
  • Luckily with this device these types of sometimes-awkward placements are easily accomplished
  • Another great feature of this DBPOWER is that it comes with its own video game controller! Similar to the ones found on old Sega and Nintendo machines, this one attaches to the main unit easily via a USB connection
  • Once you connect the controller, the DBPOWER unit also contains a mini-DVD with a bunch of classic old school arcade games
  • You can watch the DVD player while charging the battery. Some budget-minded players don’t let you do this, so it’s nice that the DBPOWER has this as an additional feature
  • It plays both Micro SD cards and USBs, so if you have a library of films on a laptop or iPad you can transfer them over to this unit rather easily
  • Another great feature of the DBPOWER is that it is a ‘’region-free’’ DVD player. DVDs made for different areas of the world are made and ‘’burned’’ using slightly different formats. Obviously this is a great feature for a device that’s made for travel
  • The 180 degree flipping design along with the 270 degree swivel makes it perfect for use in any situation – be it road trips, parties or backseat of your car


  • They are a bit lightweight, and can be confused for light in performance, when it is not. These machines have a good reputation, and in real life we don’t really confuse the light weight for low quality construction
  • It’s a bit on the costlier side, especially if you are looking for portable DVD players. However, those don’t usually come with a game controller or have issues with reliability


We recommend this DBPOWER device. It isn’t the cheapest player out there but the value for dollar is really high. Especially if you consider that it comes with a game controller and a bunch of games, this is a good device.

Consider picking this up if you’re in the market for a portable DVD player. It has flexible mounting positions, good battery life, and the video games option is a cool bonus.

Additionally, the DBPOWER 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player comes with a 12-month warranty, so that you can reach out to them if you have any issues with the product. So, knowing the benefits of a portable DVD player, it is time to check out one for  yourself. Good luck with that!

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