COOCHEER Travel DVD Player Review

COOCHEER Travel DVD Player Review

Going on a road trip is fun and exciting. But travels can be boring too especially long day trips. It could be worse if you’re with kids especially that their attention span is short.

You can change the way you travel with Travel DVD player. You can watch movies and listen to music while journeying the long road to your destination.

It basically kills time and allows you to enjoy your trip. It also helps kids enjoy the ride and allows you to do your own thing.

Getting the best DVD player for car headrest is tricky.  But the secret lies in smart decision making. There are numerous brands in the market but only a few offer quality and affordability.

If you’re looking for a quality DVD player, try considering COOCHEER Travel DVD Player as a wise option. It provides top quality construction and revolutionized features at the best price.


COOCHEER is a proud Japan made-product. It was built using the advanced engineering of the top leading innovators in terms of technology. Equipped with their own advanced formula, COOCHEER displays faster and ready to utilize speed.

It offers optimum energy efficiency by consuming enough electrical energy and expels out minimal power. It does all these while providing superb performance. This way, you could save energy while enjoying its features.

Easy to Install

This 10.1-inch portable beauty is easy to install on your car headrest. You can use a headrest mount for easy installation. But you may also use a DVD bag or a buckled strap for temporary installation.

Advanced Screen Technology

COOCHEER portable DVD player features a thin film transistor or TFT LCD display screen. This display screen provides 1024×600 pixels resolution for optimum image clarity.

Through this advanced screen technology, you could watch your favorite movies at the highest resolution.

It has an integrated shock proof property that protects its internal system from potential damage. When cruising a bumpy and rough road, vibrations may damage its internal sequencing. Thus, an internal shock resistant property helps in its durability for longer longevity.

Swivel System

All passengers at the backseat could freely and comfortably watch movies while on the road. This was made possible by its LCD screen’s 360° swivel property. This allows you to adjust its angle for maximum visibility and relaxing movie time.

Multiple power source

You may use this portable DVD player in 3 ways. You can enjoy wireless movie streaming as long as its lithium battery is fully charged. But you may still use it even when the battery is at a low level.

Just directly plug its power adapter into the main power supply. Or when in transit, you may plug its free car charger into your car’s lighter.

Break Point Memory

It also offers a break point memory feature. It automatically saves the last scene shown before you turned it off. So you could continue and resume the next scenes once you turn it back on. You don’t have to set it to fast forward just to catch the remaining scenes.


COOCHEER has superb and wide range compatibility because it plays almost all digital medias. This includes CD, DVD, DVD + R(-R), DVD + RW(-RW), VCD, SVCD-R(RW), CD -R(RW) for disc formats.

VOB, AVI, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, XVID for video file format. And MP3 and WMA for the audio file format, and JPEG for image file format.

Aside from its excellent compatibility, it also supports multiple play formats. You may use your U disk, SD Card, and Mobile Hard Disk with Coocheer.

It also comes with an AV cable and remote control. You can connect your portable DVD with your TV and watch on a bigger screen.

COOCHEER is not just for travels, you can also bring it on your outdoor activities. Bring it with you on your next camping, pajama party and etc. for extra entertainment. It’s manufactured to suit all age types so everyone can use and enjoy its perks.


  • Its 1024×600 mega pixels LCD screen resolution offers clear image quality
  • Its LCD swivel property can rotate up to 360°.You can adjust it according to your desired angle for maximum visibility
  • Its rechargeable lithium battery can last up to 2 hours of continuous playback time


  • Lesser playback time even when fully charged


Coocheer Travel DVD player is one of the best brands for car headrest in the market. Its jam packed quality features will surely take out the boring parts of traveling.

It will turn it into a fun filled journey towards your dreamed vacation or getaway. Enjoy movie marathon, music tripping and private karaoke session in the comfort of your car.

Its LCD swivel property allows you to adjust the screen at a certain angle. So every passenger could comfortably view what’s on the screen wherever they’re seated.

Moreover, its TFT 1024×600 pixels provides high image resolution and clear viewing quality.


COOCHEER is the best choice for an affordable and durable portable DVD player. It contains the same features that most high-end and overly expensive brands offer.

Its 1024×600 pixels TFT screen resolution is just the same as with NAVISKAUTO. It also has the same break point memory function as with Autotain Dream DVD.

But, the only difference is that you could get all these important features for the best rate.

COOCHEER portable DVD player is a budget friendly entertainment on the go alternative. It is equipped with the exact same functions that other DVD brands offer. But it offers quality without ripping off your wallets.


DVD player for car headrest is an important factor in making your travels memorable. It eliminates the boredom and keeps the family closer by providing quality bonding time. You and your kids could watch movies and listen to music and audiobooks.

But, a great travel companion should not rip off your budget. After all, fun shouldn’t be expensive. COOCHEER offers the same exact entertainment on the go on a pocket-friendly rate.

COOCHEER Travel DVD Player offers easy installation options, crisp and clear image quality, and multiple angle swivel functions. You will also enjoy its multiple power source options, break in memory and wide compatibility.

COOCHER is the perfect affordable deal in portable DVD player for car headrest. Get yours now and see its benefits for yourself.

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