Compare portable DVD players

Compare portable DVD players

If you’re looking to buy a portable DVD player and don’t know where to start, then you’re at the right place. You will find a comparison between different portable DVD players trending in the market. The comparison is between the top high-quality devices that are known for their reliability and durability.

See the comparison below:

DBPOWER 9.5” Portable DVD Player


DBPOWER 9.5 inches portable DVD player is #1 top seller at Amazon. It offers you 5-hours of battery backup that will keep your videos on even no power source are available. You also get free 100 video games for the kids along with the purchase. The best thing about the product is that supports different formats including MPEG1, DVD, JPEG, MP3, WMA, XVID, CD, etc.

You can buy the product at $65.99 with a 12-month warranty. You also get SD and memory card slots to get enhanced options to watch your favorite videos and movies. The device comes with a swivel screen that you can rotate in a full circle for better visibility.

The best product with these features and price range.

NAVISKAUTO 9 Inch Portable DVD Player


NAVISKAUTO 9” Portable DVD Player provides you a remote control with more than 4-hours battery backup. Take it along and watch your favorite movies while seated in the back of your car. With 360 degrees rotating swivel screen, you can enjoy the perfect viewing experience.

The device comes with built-in USB, MMC and SD ports. You also get the built-in anti-shock function which increases the durability of the mechanism. Built-in dual speakers give high-quality loud sound.

It’s a great value for your money, and due to its lightweight, even the kids can carry it along quite conveniently.

Sykik SYDVD0133 14.1” Portable DVD Player


The 14.1-inch large size high-contrast LCD screen is the plus which you don’t get in most of the portable DVD players. You can connect your Sykik device to your car adapter and enjoy the video experience without any disturbance.

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides you up to 4 hours of backup. So, you don’t have to worry about connecting it to a power source all the time. Built-in high-quality stereo speakers are also available to give you enhance sound quality.

Sykik product also supports different formats like WMA, DVD, DVD+, MP3, CD, VCD, MPEG1, XVID, R/RW, JPEG, etc. The best quality of Sykik portable device is that there’s no noise while it’s reading the DVD. Most of the products produce irritating noise while they read the DVD. So, it’s another selling point.

Sykik portable device weighs 5.2 pounds isn’t heavy enough to carry around. The black color of the device gives it an elegant look. Despite the built-in dual speakers, you also receive a cool headphone with the purchase. You can get all these features at a price of $99.99.

NAVISKAUTO 10.1″ IP67 Waterproof Portable DVD Player

10.1 inch product comes with an IP67 grade of water proofing which gives you peace of mind while you’re watching your favorite videos at the side of swimming pool or in greater outdoors while it’s drizzling.

The high quality speakers give you powerful sound effects that many products lack. Moreover, 2700 mAh rechargeable battery ensures 5 hours of charging backup. You can watch 2,3 movies without worrying to plug your device into a power source.

The last memory option will play your videos from the point you left off or your DVD player went off. So, you won’t have to forward the DVD to the point you left off earlier.

You can purchase this waterproof portable DVD player by NAVISKAUTO at just $128.99.

SYNAGY A10 10.1” Portable DVD Player


SYNAGY A10 portable DVD player provides you a 10.1 inch TFT LCD which plays high-resolution videos. You also get rechargeable lithium battery that will keep your videos running for up to 3 hours without connecting to a power source.

The built-in anti-shock feature ensures the durability of the device’s mechanism. The feature that stands out SYNAGY from other competitors that it comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee which means you get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the device.

No noise is produced while it’s reading the DVD with minimal distortion. The screen tilts upwards and downwards so you can adjust it for a better view. You can get the product at $73.99.

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