Choosing a Portable Dvd Player for Car and The Portable DVD Player with USB Port

Choosing the Portable Dvd Player for Car and The Portable DVD Player with USB Port

Portable DVD players have been tossed aside by a lot of formerly enthusiastic movie lovers owing to what they perceive to be a failure by manufacturers to keep up with the times. After all, these days, hundreds upon thousands of movies and television shows can be accessed online.

What those people do not realize, however, is that while the portable DVD player they owned all the way back in 2007 may be totally useless in 2017, there are dozens of modern day portable DVD players which boast all the features of a contemporary viewing system.

Many portable DVD players on the market today feature a USB port, allowing digital media to be viewed on the go, which you’ll no doubt appreciate if you have ever tried to watch a movie on the miniscule screen of your smartphone.

Portable DVD players have come a long way since they were first introduced almost two decades ago, but they haven’t lost that one key feature from which they take their name. Thinner and lighter without compromising anything in screen size, the portable DVD players of today can be easily carried on a flight or stored in your car and will take up virtually no room at all.

Some of the most popular portable DVD players are designed to be used specifically during long car journeys and can be mounted to headrests. I want to show you some of those portable DVD players today, but before I do that, I’d like to take a couple of minutes to discuss portable DVD players with USB ports.

Let’s get started.

Best Portable DVD Players with A USB Port

Sylvania SDVD1332

Sylvania has been on the forefront of innovation for years, so I guess it really isn’t any surprise that it was responsible for not just one of the first, but one of the finest USB portable DVD players ever produced.

The Sylvania SDVD1332 features a massive 13.3 inch swivel screen, which can be rotated up to 180 degrees to give you a consistently comfortable viewing experience. As well as including a port for USB sticks and cables, Sylvania thought to fit the SDVD1332 with an SD card reader, meaning you can enjoy your digital media no matter where it is saved.

NaviSkauto 7 Inch Portable DVD Player

Despite the fact it can be purchased for well under $100, the NaviSkauto 7 Inch Portable DVD Player is one of the most durable portable DVD players on the market. It is able to endure extensive shocks and come out with its DVD and digital media playing capabilities intact.

Owing to its sturdiness and small screen, the NaviSkauto 7 Inch Portable DVD Player has become a favorite of parents searching for a means of keeping their children busy during long car journeys.

This portable DVD player boasts a battery life of close to five hours and comes packaged with a cigarette lighter charger, so you’ll never have to worry about being left without power while on the road.

Impecca DVP775K7

The Impecca DVP775K7 is an inexpensive portable DVD player which allows you to stream digital media on its 7 inch screen thanks to a USB port and an SD card slot, both located on the right side of the device.

One of the most unique features of the DVP775K7 is its ability to copy media from a CD to a USB stick, allowing you to transform your home movies and audio recordings into digital files. This will make storing those files a whole lot easier while also allowing you to share them with the world via social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Best Portable DVD Player For A Car

NaviSkauto Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

A dual screen model, this portable DVD player is perfect for those who must keep multiple children entertained during a long car journey. Both screens can be handily mounted to the back of your car’s headrests and can be removed just as easily should viewers decide they want to see the screen a little closer.

The NaviSkauto Dual Screen Portable DVD Player includes a USB port, so it is possible to enjoy videos and photographs as well as DVDs through the device.

It boasts a battery life of over five hours and comes packaged with a charger which clips directly to your car’s cigarette lighter, ensuring a constant source of power.

DBPOWER 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player

The DBPOWER 9.5 Inch Portable DVD player has proven extremely popular among movie buffs both young and old, but it is the latter half who will derive the most enjoyment from the device.

This portable DVD player boasts an adjustable screen and a battery life of 5 hours, but what really makes it stand out is its ability to double as a game console.

Once you have downloaded a couple of compatible video games to a USB stick, they can be enjoyed by your children through the DBPOWER 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player, which includes a free controller.

Sylvania SDVD7027-C

Sylvania continues its reign as one of the finest portable DVD player manufacturers with the Sylvania SDVD7027-C. This portable DVD player comes with a vivid screen of 7 inches that can be rotated a full 360 degrees, so you’ll always be able to find a viewing position that is comfortable for you, no matter how cramped that backseat is.

What has always stood out to me about the Sylvania SDVD7027-C is its incredible sound quality, which is so impressive you’d think it were booming out of the oversized speakers of a festival stage.

Owing to the clarity of sound offered by this portable DVD player, it has become an unlikely hit among audiophiles with damaged or inferior in-car sound systems.

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