Can a Universal Remote Work on a Portable DVD Player?

Can a Universal Remote Work on a Portable DVD Player?

Nowadays households have a lot of different devices. We use these to keep us entertained throughout the day. The television and the cable box for the television usually come together. Music players and CD players are essential for households with music lovers.

DVD players are also common and now portable DVD players are becoming popular too. This is because they are very convenient. You can bring your Portable DVD player along even when you travel.

If you have all these devices and more in your home, then you probably have a lot of remotes too. Too many kinds of remotes in one home can be overwhelming and confusing.

So maybe it’s time for you to invest in a universal remote. Invest in a remote which is able to control a majority of our devices, including the portable DVD player.

Universal remotes are handy tools. But can a universal remote work on a portable DVD player? The answer is yes, they can. Most kinds of universal remotes will allow you to control your portable DVD player too.

These remotes typically come with a manual which will help you learn how to program it. But if you threw out your manual or you misplaced it, don’t worry.

In this article, you will learn how to program your remote to control your portable DVD player. Read on to learn all the helpful information you need to know.

Programming Your Universal Remote

Universal remotes are called as such because of their versatility. You will be able to use them to control different devices.

Here are some general steps for you to program your tool for your portable DVD player:

  • Turn on your portable DVD player.
  • Find the DVD button on the remote as you will program your remote for it. When you’ve located the right button, press then release it. When you do this step, try to see if the “on-off” button will turn on and remain on.
  • Press the DVD button again, while simultaneously pressing the “on-off” button too. You’ll see that the “on-off” button will turn off then immediately come back on.
  • Once the “on-off” button comes back on, release both buttons together. When you do this, the “on-off” button should stay on.
  • Try pressing the “play” on your remote to control the portable DVD player. Your player should respond within a few seconds.
  • If it doesn’t respond, keep on pressing the “play” button every few seconds. Do this until the portable DVD player turns off.
  • Press and release the “reverse” button when the portable DVD player turns off to see if it will turn on again.
  • If your portable DVD player responds already, press then release the “stop” button to save your new code.

Programming Your Universal Remote Manually

It’s a fact that you will be able to program devices such as portable DVD players in your universal remote using codes. First, check the model of your remote as well as your player.

Then download a list of codes from the internet and have them ready so you can manually program your remote.

  • Turn on your portable DVD player.
  • Press and hold the “setup” button for a couple of seconds. Wait until the indicator light turns red.
  • Press the DVD player button on the remote.
  • Find and enter the code of your player. To find the code, you have to know the brand and model of your remote as well as the brand and model of your player.
  • If you have entered the correct code for your player, then the indicator light should shut off.
  • Press the “power” button on your remote. If the player turns off, then it means you have programmed it successfully into the universal remote control.

Programming Your Universal Remote with Code Search

If you don’t want to manually find the codes on the internet, then you can perform a code search. When you perform a code search, then you will be able to find the code you need then enter it into your universal remote.

Here are some steps for you to follow:

  • Turn on your portable DVD player first.
  • Press and hold the “setup” button for a couple of seconds.
  • Press and release the DVD button on the remote. This prompts the code search. The remote will search for the device which is turned on.
  • Press the “power” button and wait for the DVD to turn off.
  • Press the “play” button and see if your player will start playing.
  • After a few seconds, press the “power” button again. Your DVD player should turn off.
  • If it doesn’t turn off, press the “power” button every few seconds until it does.
  • As soon as your player turns off, press the “enter” button or number “1” on the remote to lock in the code.

Final Word

These are general steps for you to follow when programming a universal remote for your portable DVD player. Follow these to program a specific device, such as a portable DVD player.

As you can see, we’ve already answered the question posed earlier. Can a universal remote work on a portable DVD player? Yes. The easiest way to program your universal remote is to read through the manual it comes with.

We’ve also learned that devices have their own codes. These codes depend on the device as well as the brand and model.

To be able to manually input the code in your remote, you have to find the codes online. They are readily available and easy to find. Then you can go ahead and follow the steps which we have listed above.

Yet if you don’t find the code of your player in any list, then maybe it’s not compatible. The manufacturer of the universal remote may not have included programming for portable devices.

So if you’re planning to buy a universal remote, be sure to ask if portable devices can be programmed into it. This is important if you’re planning to pair it with any portable devices you have at home.

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