Can a portable DVD player be connected to TV?

Can a portable DVD player be connected to TV?

If you own a portable DVD player, connecting it to your TV is something you would try at some point. The good news is that you can easily connect a portable DVD player to TV and play your first videos on the bigger screen.

Now that you know you can use a portable DVD player with your TV, you might think it would take a technical person to make this possible. However, it’s a simple process and only takes a few minutes after you carefully read the manual.

But if reading the manual proves useless for some reason, you can still connect your portable DVD player to TV. Just follow this tutorial, and you will be fine.

How to connect a portable DVD player to TV

To connect a portable DVD player to your TV, you need to look at the Line Out jacks of your player.

Some portable DVD players come with a single option for line out. In this case, your audio and video signals will output through that single jack.

Modern DVD players, whether portable or the regular models, come with three jacks where you can insert three different types of cables. One cable carries video signal while the other two carry the stereo audio signal.

In some rare portable DVD players, you might have only two jacks for line out. You will connect two wires, one carrying video signal while the other one carrying mono audio signal. It’s important to note that these players will only play mono audio on TV.

After determining the type of line out you have in your DVD player, find the RCA cable that came with your player. If you haven’t seen it before, look inside the box. It will be somewhere there.

You need the right RCA cable to send audio and video signal to your TV.

If you have lost your RCA cable or it didn’t come with the player, you need to go to your local electronics store and ask them for the right cable. Tell them about the line out in your player or simply take it with you to the store as it’s easy to carry (remember, it’s portable).

However, I recommend you look at your TV line in before you go out to buy an RCA cable.

Different types of line in on TV

In addition to the line out on your portable DVD player, you also need to see the Line In on your TV. That’s where you are going to connect the other end of RCA cable with one end connected to line out on your player.

Unfortunately, the RCA cable that comes with your player might not connect to some TVs. Here are different configurations of line in on common TV models.

1- Most standard TVs have three jacks. One is for video input while the other two are for audio input. TVs with three line in jacks allow you to play stereo audio.

2- Some old TVs might have only two jacks, one for video and one for audio input. Unfortunately, these TVs only play mono sound.

3- If you have a very old TV, it might have different RCA input configuration. Be sure to note the jack color and talk to your vendor for figuring out the right RCA cable for it.

Jack color tells you which cable to connect

Before you move ahead, it’s important that you understand different wire colors so that you can connect the cables in the correct way.

Connecting cables incorrectly doesn’t do any damage to your devices, but you can’t see the video or hear the audio when trying to play a video on TV from your portable DVD player.

The color coding for RCA cables is as following.

Yellow: The yellow connector is for the video signal.

Red: The red connector is for the left audio channel.

White: White cable is for the right audio channel.

Connect portable DVD player to TV

Now that you have all the information you need about RCA color coding and line in and line out connectors, it’s time to finally make the connection. Follow the instructions below.

  • Connect yellow cable to the yellow connector on the back of your player. Connect the other end of this yellow cable to a connector of the same color at the back of your TV.
  • Do the same for red and while cables.
  • Now the RCA cable should have it’s both ends connected, one to TV and one to DVD player. On DVD player, you should use connectors under ‘line out’ while on TV, the connectors to use for this purpose are ‘line in’.
  • Switch your TV to AV mode.
  • Play your favorite DVD on the player and enjoy rich HD video experience on your TV screen.
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