Best Portable DVD players for toddlers and children

Best Portable DVD players for toddlers and children

Keeping children entertained is no easy task at the best of times, but it becomes significantly more tricky when you take those children and place them in the cramped backseat of a car for six hours on a sunny day. The end result is a steady stream of bickering, crying, and are-we-there-yets.

For this reason, many parents make purchase a portable DVD player before hitting the road with their offspring. A quality portable DVD player will keep your children entertained for hours on end, giving you the peace and quiet you need to stay focused and keep your mind on the road.

Today, I want to show you some of the most popular portable DVD players for toddlers and children on the market today.

Things To Consider

When you’re looking for a portable DVD player to be used exclusively by your children – or young viewers in general – there are a couple of things to keep in mind in order to make sure you end up with a suitable model.


There was a time when portable DVD players were seen as flimsy devices which could not handle the slightest bump or knock without shutting down or, at the very least, flickering. Thankfully, the vast majority of portable DVD players on the market today are far more capable of dealing with any shocks which may be encountered on the road.

That being said, the portable DVD player you gift your children should have even greater shock absorption capabilities than the average model.

Children can be careless, which means it is an absolute certainty that the portable DVD player you settle on will be dropped and hit and covered in various sticky substances, so it must be able to hold up under such punishment.

Find a portable DVD player which is durable enough to withstand the highs and lows of childhood and you can be sure it will accompany your kids into their teenage years.

Battery Life

If you’re purchasing a portable DVD player to keep your kids busy on long road trips, you had better be sure you find a model with a long battery life. A lot of portable DVD players have a battery life of 90 minutes or so, which is just not going to cut it.

You should be searching for a model with at least three hours of battery life when fully charged so you can be certain your kids will be entertained from the moment you pull out of your driveway to the moment you arrive at your destination.

Size and Weight

When searching for a portable DVD player for a toddler or child, it is important to take the weight of each potential purchase into account. The chances are, your child is going to be the one carrying the device when you travel (along with whatever other luggage he or she may have), so you want to go with a model that is lightweight and easy for a little arm to carry.

Most adults would prefer a portable DVD player with a large screen, but screen size isn’t really an issue with children. As long as they are able to watch their favorite Disney movie or SpongeBob SquarePants episode, they are unlikely to be concerned with the width or length of the screen, nor are they going to care too much about the resolution as long as the picture is relatively clear.

Parental Controls

While it isn’t absolutely essential that you find a portable DVD player with parental control options – you will likely be choosing the DVDs they watch anyway – such a feature may be of use for our most paranoid of readers. If you want to be absolutely certain your children aren’t viewing any unfavorable content, a portable DVD player with a parental control mode will allow you to tailor what they can and can’t watch.

The Best Portable DVD Players For Children and Toddlers

Disney D7500PDD


The Disney D7500PDD is unique in that it is designed specifically for children. Its 7 inch screens, while admittedly a little smaller than most alternative models, are perfect for small kids.

Both screens can be easily mounted on the back of a car’s headrests, leaving viewers with free hands for chocolates and drinks.

Unlike a lot of portable DVD players on the market, the Disney D7500PDD has parental control capabilities, so you can always be sure of what your children are  viewing while you drive. There is a downside to this model, however, in that it does not have the USB port which is present in most modern day portable DVD players.

Ematic EPD909

The Ematic EPD909 is a great choice for adults and children alike, but younger viewers are likely to be more appreciative of its various color options and the multiple accessories with which it comes packaged.

Included with this portable DVD player are, among other things, a pair of matching headphones which make it possible for the viewer to enjoy whatever they may be watching without risk of interference from background noise.

The screen of the Ematic EPD909 comes in at 9 inches and has the ability to rotate up to 180 degrees, allowing for a unique viewing experience.

Sylvania SDVD7060


Like the Ematic EPD909, the Sylvania SDVD7060 is not exclusively marketed towards children, but it is far more suited to younger viewers than it is to their older counterparts.

The SDVD7060 is protected by a tough outer shell, ensuring it can withstand the shocks caused by your children being careless with it.

The risk of damage occurring to the device during transport is also minimized by the thick carrying bag which is included with every purchase, ensuring it can be moved from place to place without risk of damage.

The Sylvania SDVD7060 is fitted with a 7 inch screen which can be rotated and adjusted to suit the preferences of the viewer.

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