Best Portable DVD Player For Kids

Best Portable DVD Player For Kids

The market for portable entertainment devices is growing at a rapid pace. In this regard, the DVD players are very much in demand even though the storage devices see huge changes on a daily basis. The fact that you can easily carry them anywhere and enjoy your favorite videos and music has made it very popular in the market.

Many people use them as a photo album as you can easily connect your pen drive to the device and display any digital content. In the same manner, you can also listen to your favorite songs as these players can even read audio files without any hassles.

You will also be able to plug in your earphones to the device and enjoy your videos in complete privacy without disturbing anyone in the surrounding. As these devices are typically large when compared to the mobile phones, many people prefer these DVD players to watch movies and other videos when compared to the cell phones.

Some of these devices also come with good battery life and you can easily watch videos for long hours without any hassles. It is also very light in weight and you can easily carry them wherever you go and watch your favorite videos.

It is also possible to connect the memory card to the device and store your favorite entertainment files on them. Let us look into some of the most popular portable DVD players available in the market.

Apeman 9.5 inch DVD player – swivel screen player

This large screen portable device comes with amazing features and you can easily use them to watch videos and many other digital files without any hassles. The biggest advantage of choosing the Apeman 9.5 inch DVD player comes with the fact that you can easily swivel the screen by 180 degrees and this will give you the best visibility from any angle.

It is very easy to use and you can seamlessly connect your USB device or any other memory device and watch videos. It also comes with a slot for inserting the SD card and this will make it possible for you to carry your favorite entertainment files in a small device.

You can even connect your earphones and enjoy the videos in complete privacy. It is compatible with multiple formats and you can use any video and audio format of your choice. Yet another advantage of this device is that you can directly connect this to a large screen like television and watch your movies on big screen.

In this way, it will be very useful when you are traveling as you need not miss out on your favorite entertainment during your holidays. When you connect the DVD player to the TV, many people can watch the video at once and this is the major advantage of choosing players that have AV output feature.


  • Comes with a large 9.5 inch screen
  • Multiple charging options that even includes a car charger
  • The powerful internal battery enables you to watch videos for 3 hours
  • Compatible with TV and has an AV output option
  • Has slots for inserting the USB device and SD device


  • Can be used as a standalone device or connected to TV
  • Swivel screen is a big advantage
  • Good value for money


  • Cannot play Blu Ray discs
  • Not suitable for HD DVD

UEME 10.1 inch DVD player – comes with car headrest mount option

The UEME 10.1 inch DVD player comes with many additional features that will make it easy for you to use them for watching your favorite videos. Especially the kids will have a wonderful time with this player as it is very easy to use and the large screen means that you can watch your favorite videos in bigger and better quality resolution.

The screen can swivel and this makes for good visibility from any angle. You can also connect the device to your television and enjoy your favorite videos on a bigger screen. This is a convenient option for many people who are traveling as they need not miss out on their favorite videos and other entertainment files during their holidays.

The battery backup is decent and you can easily use the device for a few hours without any problem. The biggest advantage of choosing this device comes with the option of having a car headrest mount feature and this will allow you to hook the device comfortably to the headrest of the front seat. In this way, your kids sitting in the backseat can enjoy their favorite videos while you are driving the vehicle.


  • Comes with a 10.1 inch screen that can swivel easily
  • Comes with a car headrest mount option
  • Good battery backup of 4 hours


  • Can be connected to a TV
  • Comes with USB and SD slot
  • Good value for money


  • Not suitable for Blu Ray discs

Wonnie 7.5 inch DVD player – compact and efficient

The Wonnie 7.5 inch DVD player can be easily used for your entertainment needs and it is very easy to carry this device when you are traveling. The player will easily last for nearly 4 hours and this will ensure that you can watch a complete movie without any hassles.

The video quality is very good and you can get better resolution videos on this player. It is also equipped with a USB and SD slot, making it easy for you to plug in your storage devices to the DVD player. You can also connect your earphones to the player and enjoy them comfortably when you do not want to disturb others in the surroundings.

It is also possible to charge the DVD player when you are using it and this will ensure that you can continue to use them for long hours without worrying about the battery life.


  • Very compact and has a screen size of 7.5 inches
  • Swivel screen option makes for good visibility
  • Has a USB and SD slot


  • Can be charged even while watching videos
  • Has earphone option for private viewing


  • Cannot play Blu Ray discs
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