Best Portable DVD Player For Car

Best portable DVD player for car

Whenever you are driving across the countryside with your family or friends in your car, you tend to keep entertainment stuff to keep you engaged. Ignoring the driver, other travelers can’t stare outside the car windows and enjoy the nature sceneries all the time.

At some point, they will be bored and want to do something which could help pass their time. DVD players are a great option to watch videos and movies; engaging you to keep you out of boredom.

Most of the modern cars are coming with factory-installed DVD players, but they are expensive. People tend to buy portable DVD players which they can carry along with them. Moreover, they’re way cheaper than the factory-installed DVD players. Your family especially your kids or friends will be engaged in watching videos, and they won’t complain of boredom.

What things to consider while buying a portable DVD player?

If you’re planning to buy a portable DVD player, you must consider some key features that will help you get the best device out there in the market.

Screen Options

Portable DVD players for the car come with LCD and LED screen attached to it. There are different screen sizes available in the market. Select your portable DVD player according to the size which is suitable for you, your spouse, kids, and friends.

Modern portable DVD players have added features like folding, lid and swiveled screen to give you best viewing experience, and also keep the device compact. You must buy the device that has swivel screen which rotates at least 270 degrees. So, you can turn your screen according to the position you’re sitting, and watch the videos at the perfect angle.

Additional Functions

You must look for additional functions in the portable DVD player for the car in addition to playing DVDs. Most of the modern DVD players also provide USB, MP3, and SD card ports so you can upload data from different devices and play them on your DVD player.

Moreover, modern DVD players support different formats like MPEG1, CD, JPEG, MP4, PNG, DIVX, and external hard drives. In addition to this, portable DVD players for cars can function as the internal game console. Your kids can play their favorites games while you’re driving them to a different city.

Battery Backup

Do you know that most portable DVD players now offer lithium rechargeable batteries for power backup? Make sure that you get more than 2500 mAh battery in your best portable DVD player for the car.

If the device promises to give you at least 4 hours of battery backup, it’s the perfect fit for your vehicle. You will be able to watch two-three movies, and your kids will have enough time to play their favorite video games.

Connectivity Options

In addition to a variety of screen options, battery backup, and additional functions, portable DVD players also give a range of wireless and electrical connection options. Almost every other portable DVD player comes with a charging device that you can plug into a wall conduit to ensure that you can use your portable DVD player in its capacity.

All the modern portable DVD players now come with car chargers, so you don’t have to halt your horses while you’re on the road. You can connect the device to car adapters to watch your videos without any disturbance.

Some devices have the lighter adapter, and some come with USB charger. Choose the one which is easily connectable in your car. If you have a USB port on the dashboard, you can buy the portable DVD player that comes with USB charger. On the other hand, all the cars have the lighter adapter, so buying a lighter adapter is the best option.


Last but not the least; you must compare the price after selecting a few based on the features. There are many portable DVD players available in the market that offer you a competitive price. However, many portable DVD players cost you a fortune.

Make sure you’re purchasing a product that comes in the price range from $100 to $200. Because you get a reasonable device at this price, and some of them offer you at least 12-month warranty. So, don’t be hasty in selecting the best portable DVD player for car, and at least compare ten different devices from different manufacturers. It will help you choose the best portable player available in the market.

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