All About the DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player

 All About the DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your favorite movies and films wherever you are? Portable DVD players bring you into a state of full entertainment and let you bask in fun with all of your favorite movies at your fingertips while you are traveling.

Portable DVD players have gradually grown into a necessity for most people who plan on taking a trip. The DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player is unique in itself as it boasts a variety of features to keep your kids busy on a road trip and give you a phenomenal distraction if you’re traveling alone.

A Brief Look at the DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player Features

  • 6000Mah Battery
  • 12.1” 1200 x 800 TFT Screen
  • Multi Digital File Reader
  • 1.8m Car Charger and 1.8m Power Adapter
  • Included AV Cable
  • Included Remote Control

The Advantages of the DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player

  • Comfortable Viewing: Integrated rotating to where users can rotate the screen up to 270°. You can also flip the screen up to 180° for easy and comfortable viewing.
  • Readable Memory Card Port: With a space for a memory card, you can easily watch movies you’ve downloaded from the internet or any other type of data stored on your memory card.
  • Long Lasting Battery: It has a battery life that can last up to seven hours. You can easily watch up to four movies or a full season of your favorite TV series.
  • Multimedia Support: Support for as many as seven different popular disc formats, video formats, and JPEG image formats.
  • Charging On-the-Go: You can charge the DR.J 12” while traveling in any vehicle with the included car charger or choose to charge it at home with a standard socket.

The Disadvantages of the DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player

  • Smaller Sized Screen: As with any portable DVD player you’re not going to receive as big of a screen as you would with your regular entertainment system at home. Reduced Picture Quality: As a result of the smaller screen, the picture quality won’t be as pristine as it would with a traditional flat screen TV.
  • Not Recommended for Groups: Useful for personal use, due to its smaller size, it can be difficult to use the DR.J 12” if multiple people want to watch the same movie or show.
  • No Cable Support: It doesn’t support cable networks. That means you are limited to recorded events and movies stored on an external drive.

A Detailed Look at the DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player Features


The DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player comes packed with a 6000MaH battery that offers up to seven hours of battery life. This makes it simple to enjoy up to four movies in a single charge.


Constructed with a 12.1” 1200 x 800 TFT screen, you’ll be able to have a quality watching experience. Although the screen resolution isn’t stellar in comparison to traditional televisions currently on the market, the difference is slightly noticeable.

Multi Digital File Reader

The DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player has a multi-digital file reader which makes the unit compatible with a variety of different media file types. It is compatible with DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), CD-R(RW), SVCD, VCD, EVD, CD, RMVB, MP3, MPG, MPEG, AVI, VOB, and DIVX.

Considering it encompasses all of the most popular media file types, you won’t have to worry about formatting your movies and television shows before you go on a trip. All you have to do is charge the unit and it’s ready to use.

Charging Cables

To add to the convenience of using a portable DVD player, this model is equipped with a 1.8m car charger & a 1.8m power adapter; the cable is 1.8 meters long. With a car charging cable, you can take it relatively anywhere, though with the long-lasting battery you most likely won’t have to worry about charging it while you’re on a trip.

Included AV Cable

Instead of relying on the portable DVD player solely for trips, you can easily take advantage of the AV cable and connect the unit to your TV. This is perfect for if you’re staying in a hotel that isn’t equipped with a DVD player or if you want to use it as an everyday appliance in your home.

Included Remote Control

There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to switch episodes or fast-forward through a film without the help of a controller. Luckily, the DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player comes with a remote control that gives you the utmost amount of flexibility and ease of use.

The DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player vs. Others on the Market

Sure, it’s simple enough to get DVD players from relatively any big box retailer in the world but you’re going to want to make sure you choose the best product available.

With its long-lasting battery (seven hours of play time), you can guarantee the DR.J 12” will give you the most flexibility while traveling. In comparison to other models such as the DBPower DVD Player which only offers up to two hours of play time.

Another important feature that sets this model apart is the sheer amount of media formats it’s compatible with. You won’t have to worry about finding movies for your trip only to figure out your DVD player pushes out an “Invalid Format” error code while you’re on the road. It helps to take the stress out of one of the many things you need to think about while you’re traveling.

Overall, the features of the DR.J 12” Portable DVD Player make it a unique model. The advantages that you stand to gain far outweigh the disadvantages, which is important for choosing the right DVD player for your trip. Not only does it support a vast amount of media files and lasts up to seven consecutive hours, it also offers reasonable audio and video output.

If you’re in the market for a media player that gives you all of the basic necessities of staying entertained while on the road, this is a competitive model to consider.


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