7.5 Inch Portable DVD Player Review

7.5 Inch Portable DVD Player Review

The 7.5 Inch Portable DVD Player is a great device both on the go and at home. The entertainment you can enjoy with the device comes to satisfy a large number of users.

The good news is that this will create the best platform for multiple types of users. Regardless of the age of the user, the device comes with a few characteristics which make it one of the best choices in its niche. With a swivel screen, kids will be able to enjoy the best image quality from different angles. The connectivity is also not bad.

The 7.5 Inch Portable DVD Player comes with USB connectivity for fast data transfer and an SD card slot which will increase the number of options you have for data transfer.

With a compact design, the portable device can be a great solution even as a gift for kids on the go. They can take it in cars, away on holiday and they can even use it at home. Even more, the device comes with a range of accessories which make it even more attractive. These include the remote control, headphones, cigarette charger and an AV cable.


  • Swivel screen
  • 5 inch display
  • USB connectivity
  • SD card slot


  • Included headphones
  • Included remote control
  • Included AV cable


  • 4 hours to charge


The portable DVD player represents one of the best options for people looking to make a great gift for kids. It can also act as an entertainment station for adults. But its compact design makes it perfect for kids who want maximum mobility. This is why they`ll be able to take it away on any occasion. To play their favorite movies or cartoons in the car, the player is unbeatable.

It comes with the swivel screen which is one of the top characteristics of the device which comes with amazing visibility from any angle. The good news is that this will also allow two kids to watch a movie from a comfortable position. If you plan to use it for longer car trips, you should take the charging time into consideration.

This will be up to 4 hours. But with such a powerful device, this is not a surprise. The interesting characteristic of the player and the battery life is that it will largely depend on the type of activity and on the brightness of the screen while in use. This is why even a lower brightness level can represent a good option for longer car rides.

The player is capable of reading multiple types of files, even pictures. The good news is that this will prove to be one of the most interesting characteristics as it will bring the kids the much needed versatility and the entertainment unit to keep the occupied during longer car rides.

The connectivity is also good. As you might expect, the device comes with USB and SD card options. From the USB, you`ll be able to play high quality files at a good rate of data transfer. The same can be said about the SD card. The good news is that you`ll be able to choose your favorite data transfer option according to your needs.


When it comes to using the device at maximum capacity and making a solid comparison with some alternative from the market, it is worth noting if it can hold up against the larger options.

Although the player comes with a compact design, it holds well against the DDAUTO DDA10D Tablet Android 6.0 Portable DVD Player. Although the DDAUTO player comes with a 10 inch display, the actual reading of files is the same on both devices.

They can both play the same files, or at least the most popular options. The difference will be made with the screen size which is larger with the DDAUTO device and it also comes with a touchscreen performance. But the good news is that it will be able to work for a large number of situations and it might even prove to be the case that both players will end up being used in the car the most.

Although the 7.5 Inch Portable DVD Player Review has the major advantage of coming with a portable design, it might be the case that the final solution will depend on the desire of the kids. If you are planning to make a gift, than an independent solution such as the 7.5 Inch Portable DVD Player Review can be a great choice.


The 7.5 Inch Portable DVD Player review is one of the most interesting solutions in terms of portable entertainment. It`s situated in an affordable range which makes it one of the top choices for all types of users.

It is best suited for kids however as it comes with the design characteristics that they love. The smaller screen will prove perfect for any situation either at home or while on the road. It can also represent a good entertainment device while on holiday.

Kids will also love the swivel screen which will ensure superior visibility to many other options on the market and if you have a smaller child you know the struggle of adjusting the player to a good angle from the headrest. In this situation, it will prove a great feature which is made for the ultimate experience.

If you are planning to use constant data transfer, you`ll need to know the device comes with the USB connectivity which is paired with the SD slot. You will need to buy the SD card separately and the best bet is to simply use a top quality card which allows for fast data transfer. This will enable the high quality playback you want on the device.

With a charging time of up to 4 hours, the player represents a good option for people who want a good battery life but are also not pressed to charge the device very fast. And with a good starter pack with headphones and a remote control, you`ll be able to enjoy a pleasant experience wherever you go.

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