10.1 Inch HD Digital And Wide Screen Super-Thin Car Headrest DVD Player Review

10.1 Inch HD Digital And Wide Screen Super-Thin Car Headrest DVD Player Review

The 10.1 Inch HD Digital And Wide Screen Super-Thin Car Headrest DVD Player represent a top option for you kids` car entertainment needs. The player uses a modern screen and a High Definition technology to offer a complete experience for all types of needs which include movies and games.

Interestingly, the player will work with in synchronization with another player if you plan to purchase two devices. This is possible with the video in and video out connection.

The DVD player is capable of playing all the popular formats you would expect. This 10.1 Inch HD Digital And Wide Screen Super-Thin Car Headrest DVD Player makes it a good option for in-car use when mounted on the back of the headrest.

If you are worried about child safety, you should know that the player comes with rounded edges which make it safe in case of sudden brakes when your kids might come into contact with sharp edges.


  • 1” HD display
  • Rounded edges design for safety
  • Plays multiple files
  • HDMI connectivity for games


  • Included headphones
  • Included remote control
  • Touch key controls


  • Headphones volume can be low


The DVD player provides one of the most interesting experiences for the modern user. It combines a great display with good connectivity and the ability to choose a device which can even work in synchronization with a second device.

The good news is that the player covers essential areas and even takes care of the smaller details. This can be seen with the design which is even made to keep kids safe.

For this purpose, it comes with rounded edges and with the ability to keep your kids safer in all types of situations. While it can keep kids safe in case of sudden breaks, you should have your kids secured with the seatbelt anyway.

But when they go in the car or when they try to get out they often times touch against the player and this is why having rounded edges can represent a small improvement in terms of safety.

The player also comes with HDMI connectivity. This type of audio and video cable can work as a solution to connect a smartphone and play games directly on the player. It will be up to you to purchase this cable but having this option can represent a top choice for all types of users.

The included remote control can also represent a top characteristic of the DVD player. This means that you can have full control of the device from the comfort of your seat. But can this also represent a safety feature? Not many people think of remote controls as safety features.

But when you think about the fact that your kids are seated they might be tempted to remove their seatbelts to reach the player. With a remote control, this temptation is greatly reduced as they have full control in the brightness, volume and other settings of the device.

Thus, they will be in a more comfortable position and also in full control of the device. Together with the rounded design, this will lead the DVD player into a safer area which will find kids working towards a better user experience.

One of the main complaints of the users doesn`t come with the device itself which speaks about its quality. It rather comes with one of the included accessories. The wireless headphones can prove to come with a lower volume than expected. This might also be due to the FM connection but if you want better volume you`d have to purchase other headphones.


When it comes to comparing such a complex device, it will only be fair to do so against another top design. The DDAUTO DDA10D Tablet Android 6.0 Portable DVD is another top alternative for your entertainment needs.

It represents one of the top options in terms of touchscreen control. As you will notice, the touchscreen is one of the most attractive features of a DVD player but can become useless when kids are placed into position with the seatbelt on.

This would mean there is a higher risk for them to try to reach the player while removing the seatbelt. You`ll thus want to keep them safer with a remote control. As you`ll also notice, the device also comes with rounded edges as the 10.1 Inch HD Digital And Wide Screen Super-Thin Car Headrest DVD Player.

It will be up to you to decide if the touchscreen is so important for you and given the affordability of a touch key design, you might consider which investment is better in your situation.


The 10.1 Inch HD Digital And Wide Screen Super-Thin Car Headrest DVD Player is one of the most interesting DVD players on the market. Although it comes with a high-end screen it also combines touch key controls.

Although this might not be ideal for many users, it still comes with a considerable drop in manufacturing costs and it will also come with the unique advantage of keeping the screen cleaner for longer. This will also mean the device will work for a large number of situations but it will be best suited for in-car use.

If you are worried about safety, even in this affordable range, the player comes with rounded edges and a thin design which will limit possible accidents. Another top characteristic of the player comes with the ability to connect to a mobile device through the HDMI connection.

This will prove a simple and high-speed connection which will enable playing games directly on the screen of the DVD player. The device is recommended for in-car use and especially for kids which can take it to the maximum performance level with cartoons, movies and even games.

The good news is that they`ll also get a remote control and a pair of headphones which can improve the overall experience. If you are planning longer car trips, this can be a good method of keeping them occupying with a relaxing activity.

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