Best Portable DVD players

Best Portable DVD players

Portable DVD players offer endless entertainment on the go. They come with a chargeable battery that lasts for hours, giving you ample time to watch your favorite films on DVD. You can use these players in the car to keep your kids busy while on a long road trip or enjoy pure family entertainment at home with these portable players.

Your choice isn’t limited to playing only the DVDs as the modern players are able to play video and audio files from USB and SD card. That means you can easily watch videos that you downloaded from the internet using your handy DVD player.

These players usually come with a 7-inch screen that delivers crisp video quality. You can easily carry these players in their fancy bags with you no matter where you go.

How to choose the best portable DVD player

When it comes to buying a portable DVD player, you can’t rush the decision as you can find hundred different models in a single electronics store. You won’t be able to go through specifications of all these players so it’s better to have an idea of what to look for when you go shopping, whether in an online store or a local electronics store.

When you are shopping for the best portable DVD player, you have to be sure to compare prices. You don’t want to buy something at a higher price when a little bit of research could help you find a cheaper deal. Similarly, be sure to read customer feedback and reviews.

It’s important to buy a lightweight DVD because you don’t want to kill its portability due to weight. You want to carry it with your wherever you go.

Finally, be sure to look for a model that offers scratch and dust-resistant finish.

What to look for in a good portable DVD player?

A good portable DVD player would offer premium features at an affordable price. Ideally, you should look for the following when trying to find the best DVD player in the market.

  • Check battery timing as you want the player to provide at least six hours of movie playback
  • Make sure that the DVD player comes with a lithium ion chargeable battery as these batteries last for years without requiring a replacement
  • Ask the vendor or read instructions on the product to see if you the player comes with a USB port to play the videos that you downloaded earlier
  • You want to enjoy high quality audio and crisp video so be sure to check the player for audio/video quality
  • Be sure to see if the product comes with at least one-year warranty





DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player  $$  3.9/5
NAVISKAUTO 9 Inch Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player  $$  4.3/5
SYNAGY A10 10.1inch Portable DVD Player CD Player  $$$  4.2/5
NAVISKAUTO 10.1″ IP67 Waterproof Portable DVD Player  $$$  4.1/5
Sykik Sydvd0133 14.1” Inch All Multi Region Zone Free HD Swivel Portable DVD Player  $$$  3.6/5
Disney 7″inch Dual Screen Widescreen LCD Mobile DVD Player  $$  2.9/5
ieGeek 12.5″ Portable DVD Player with 360° Swivel Screen  $$  3.5/5
Proscan PDVD7040 7″ Portable DVD Player  $$$  4.5/5
KORAMZI 7 inch Portable DVD Player  $$  3.4/5
Insignia 9″ Dual Screen Dual Disc Portable DVD Players  $  3.8/5

DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player with Rechargeable Battery

DBPOWER 9.5-inch portable DVD player comes from a company with five years of experience and goodwill in the market. The product is popular and receives good feedback from thousands of customers around the globe. Even Amazon rates it as #1 Best Seller in the category of “Portable DVD Players.”

DBPOWER guarantees you amazing film viewing with their upgraded firmware and continual improvement. The best selling point is the ability to connect it via car adapter. You can take it out with you on your trips.

DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player Features

  • 5-hours battery backup – makes it easier to watch your favorite movies
  • SD Card and USD reader is also available so you can store your data and watch them later anytime
  • Car adapter allows you to connect the portable DVD player with your car
  • Remote control
  • Game controller for your kids to play their favorite games with style
  • Compatible with MP3, MPEG1, JPEG, CD, DVD, WMA, AVI, R/RW, XVID
  • Swivel screen which can rotate 360 degrees for flawless visibility
  • Shock resistant which means there wouldn’t be any mechanical issues
  • You get user manual and AV cable along with the purchase


  • Competitive price – no other product in such price can match it’s incredible features
  • The best quality sound and graphics
  • The product comes with 100 free video games CD – enough to keep your kids occupied while you’re traveling
  • You can connect the product with car adapter and take it along on a ride


  • The most common problem with the product is the noise it produces while reading the DVD. You may hear scratching noise when you insert your DVD
  • The onboard speaker doesn’t give you high-quality sound – you may have to add a quality headgear for better quality of sound


The best product you can purchase at 65.99 USD that guarantees you high-quality videos and incredible swivel. DB Power 9.5 inch DVD player can play videos in different formats. So, you don’t have to worry about buying DVD’s that have the same format. Connect it with your car and enjoy your trip with your family and friends.


DBPOWER portable DVD player comes with 5-hours extended battery backup. This feature stands out the product from other products available in the market within the price range. It’s a great value for your money. Moreover, you get a 12-month warranty on the product that will give you extra confidence.

NAVISKAUTO 9 Inch Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player USB/SD Card Reader

If you’re looking for a portable DVD player that gives you a remote control and a 5-hours long battery backup, then you should try NAVISKAUTO 9-inch Portable DVD player. You can take it along with you on your trips and watch the videos while seated in the back of your car.

It gives you enhanced viewing experience with its 360-degrees screen swivel. You can’t get such video experience in your general TV.


NAVISKAUTO 9 Inch Portable DVD Features

  • 2600 mAh lithium battery – gives you up to 5 hours charging backup – safe and easy to use – suitable for elders and kids
  • Built-in SD, USB, and MMC ports – and dual speakers
  • Built-in anti-shock function
  • 3m-longer wall charger – 3m cigarette charger – car headrest mount case
  • 270 degrees swivel screen panel for amazing video experience
  • 9 inches digital TFT screen
  • Last-Memory feature to presume a video from the same point where you left before


  • The product is perfect for the road trips because of 270 degrees revolving screen swivels – giving you an excellent view in the backseat of your vehicle – or the best tablet for your outdoor video experiences
  • The product is quick – doesn’t leave you hanging between the commands – a pleasure to use
  • The product is easy to use – even for the toddlers


  • There are chances that the product may malfunction after using it for a couple of months – though the company offer you a 12-month warranty – so it’s not much of an issue
  • The product doesn’t support many formats – which is why the USB support isn’t quite convenient


3.4 pounds in weight NAVISKAUTO 9-inch DVD player comes in the dominant black color which gives it a great look. You can connect it with your car through car adapter and take it along with you on a trip.

With dual speakers, you can have the best audio experience which most of the products lack. Moreover, it’s easy-to-use, so even the little kids can use it comfortably and watch cartoons or TV shows.


NAVISKAUTO DVD player gives you the best audio and video experience along with 5-hours battery timing so that you can watch your videos on the go. Due to its lightweight, you can take it along with you anywhere without much hassle.

The last memory feature enables you to resume your movies exactly where you left it before. So, you don’t have to go forward or rewind all the time.

NAVISKAUTO 10.1″ IP67 Waterproof Portable DVD Player

If you’re looking for a waterproof portable DVD player, NAVISKAUTO is the perfect fit. Some experts need to show DVDs outside such as gym instructors, aquatics instructors, sports coaches, yoga trainers, etc.

You can buy this product as it offers you high-quality video experience along with 2W powerful speakers. You can watch your videos with bright colors in the greater outdoors. Also, you can play your videos in different formats as it supports more than 7.

NAVISKAUTO 10.1″ IP67 Waterproof Portable DVD Player Features

  • 1024×600 pixels HD screen – bright colors – no double image
  • High quality speakers – giving you powerful sound effects
  • IP67 waterproof grade – enjoy movies in the greater outdoors without worrying about the product getting wet and start malfunctioning
  • Last memory option – supports DVD, VCD, CD, SVCD, CD-R, DVD±R, MP3, JPG, WMA, JPEG
  • USB, MMC & SD Support – but the waterproof function won’t work when the slot is open
  • 2700 mAh lithium battery – capable of keeping your DVD player running up to 5 hours – with built-in rechargeable options


  • You can watch videos and photos off a USB stick or memory card – by following the instructions in the manual – to put the correct resolutions
  • You can mount it to your car headrest for your kids to enjoy the videos in the back seat
  • 2W speakers produce loud enough sound which is easily hearable within 10 feet range
  • You can plug the DVD player to your TV or projector with RCA cable
  • 5-hours long battery backup – sufficient to watch 2,3 movies without connecting it via power source


  • There is no protection for the screen – you may have to find a protection sleeve for it
  • It doesn’t support Blu-Ray quality


NAVISKAUTO 10.1 inches IP67 is one of the sturdy and high-quality product available in the market. The high-definition screen shows bright colors and supports different video and audio formats.

It offers you different power sources along with a rechargeable 2700 mAh lithium battery to keep playing your videos without any disturbance.  The 2W speakers give you powerful sound effects that you can’t find easily in other products within the same price range.


Just like other portable DVD players, NAVISKAUTO waterproof DVD player is rich with beautiful features. The feature that stands out the product from its competitors is that it’s waterproof. You will find other products claiming to provide high-quality audio and video experience; however, NAVISKAUTO has proven to be one of the best quality products. Moreover, you can’t get a waterproof DVD Player at 128.99 USD.

Sykik Sydvd0133 14.1” All Multi Region Zone Portable DVD Player

If you’re looking for a large size portable DVD player, then Sykik SYDVD0133 is the perfect fit for you. You will get 14.1” inches high contract display with widescreen LCD which shows you the video in high-resolution pixels.

You can take it out on trips and let your family or friends watch their favorite movies and shows while you drive them to the next location. You can easily plug it into car adapter and let your kids watch videos on the backseats. Let’s learn about the features of this product to understand it better. Read on.


Sykik Sydvd0133 14.1 Features

  • 14.1 inches high contrast display
  • Widescreen LCD that rotates up to 180 degrees
  • 1366×786 high resolution pixels
  • Rechargeable built-in lithium polymer battery
  • Built-in high-quality stereo speakers
  • 3.5-millimeter headphone jack
  • USB port and SD card reader
  • Dual voltage – 100V to 240V – 50 to 65Hz
  • Supports different formats including CD, VCD, WMA, DVD, DVD+, VOB, MP3, R/RW, MPEG1, JPEG, XVID


  • The battery provides up to 5 hours of backup so you can watch your favorite videos without connecting to a power source
  • The real 12 inches display is larger than other products available in the same price range
  • No noise while it’s reading the DVD – mostly products lack this quality
  • Loud sound to understand everything within a video up till 10 feet distance


  • The battery takes 6 hours to recharge – it’s considerably long time
  • You may find problems with the battery after using it for a month


Sykik SYDD0133 is one of the best DVD players available in the market. 5.2 pounds in weight product is easy to move, and even a young kid can do that without much hassle. The dominant black color with stylish control panel gives it an elegant but professional look.

Other than built-in speakers, you get an extra headphone set to enjoy the best audio experience while watching your DVD’s. The best thing about the product is that it supports dual voltage.


Sykik multi-region zone portable DVD player gives you an incredibly large display of 14.1 inches. You can’t find such large display in the DVD devices in the same price range. You can get the product at 99.99 USD which is way cheaper than other portable DVD players available in the market.

The 7” super clear TFT screen tilts, swivels, and folds are offered to give you optimum-viewing angle.

SYNAGY A10 10.1inch Portable DVD Player

If you’re looking for a low-cost portable DVD player, you should read about this SYNAGY A10 DVD player that guarantees noiseless DVD reading. SYNAGY has a history of manufacturing portable DVD players and other electronic products. Their 10.1” portable DVD player is one of the good-quality products that provide you incredible video experience.

There are different portable DVD players available in the market, but no one beats SYNAGY’s affordable price and the best shopping experience.

SYNAGY A10 10.1inch Features

  • High-resolution video – built with 10.1 inches TFT LCD
  • Rechargeable lithium battery – works for 2.5 to 3 hours max – though lowering the sound of your speakers can give you extra battery time
  • It supports different formats like DVD, VCD, CD, WMA, DVD-R, JPEG, S-VCD, MPEG4
  • Built-in anti-shock
  • Premium design for multi application – charge from your car via charge adapter – suitable for kids while studying
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – call SYNAGY to get help regarding any problems you’re facing – and an expert will quickly respond to issues
  • Swivel screen with 1024×600 resolution – you can watch videos in the best and clear quality


  • Good quality videos in such price
  • One of the quieter portable DVD player – others are noisy and make you annoying
  • Minimal distortion
  • Tilt the screen up and down
  • Three power sources: rechargeable battery, household outlet, and car outlet
  • Battery lasts longer than 3 hours as advertised – you get almost 4 hours battery time


  • If turned off accidently, it doesn’t remember the point it left off
  • Insufficient details on warranty – even you get 100% satisfaction warranty but no timeline defined
  • The lid is shiny and quite distracting because the screen will be reflecting in the lid most of the time – though you can avoid it by tilting or watch your videos in tablet mode


SYNAGY A10 offers you the high-resolution videos with its 10.1” TFT LCD.  The3-hours long battery time gives you the opportunity to watch your videos on the go – without having to connect it to a power source.

You can tilt the screen upwards and downwards to see the videos in most convenient angles. The best thing is that DVD player doesn’t make any noise while reading the DVD, so you don’t get distracted with annoying noises.


SYNAGY A10 CD & DVD Player provides you high-quality video experience at 73.99 USD which is hard to find. The main reason you should buy this product is that it comes with minimal distortion. You don’t hear any noises while it is reading the DVD. Most of the quality players even lack this feature.